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Prevent Oral Cancers with this medical food

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E-Cigs are not safer than tobacco cigarettes. A new UCLA study found e-cigs to be more toxic and contain nanoparticles that kill the top layer of skin cells in the mouth. This cellular turn-over can increase the risk for oral cancers. Did you know that e-cigs contain nanoparticles of heavy metals, silica and carbon? The level of nanoparticles can vary from brand and flavor. E-cigs weaken your natural immune defense mechanisms in the mouth by decreasing your levels of glutathione - our major cellular antioxidant for all human cells. In the UCLA study when glutathione was decreased this caused 85 percent of the tested cells to die.

I recommend all of my patients to take a daily dose of Xymogen's NAC which is the precursor to make glutathione. If you have a glutathione pathway defect as identified by 23 and Me or another test then I recommend S-Acetyl Glutathione to bypass your genetic difference.

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Choosing e-cigs to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes is not the answer. This, in fact, might be increasing your risk of oral cancers. 

If you are using e-cigs make sure you tell your practitioner and dentist so they can keep a watchful eye for oral cancers. If you are ready to quit all cigarettes - call us as we have solid plans to help you live a cig-free life without cravings and weight gain.

Broccoli seed extract has been proven to prevent oral cancer recurrence in the latest MedScape articles. It is widely used to prevent many cancers and is recommended at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I recommend Xymogen's high strength high quality OncoPlex ES daily. Personally, I don't miss a daily dose because I am always turning off my cancer genes and preventing them from being turned on by environmental exposures.
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And more cancer news

Australian scientists found an osteoporosis drug that targeted a set of molecular signals that might prevent breast cancers in women who are at risk. If you have an inherited defect in your BRCA1 gene or are positive for BRCA1 then this is big news.

Women with this defective gene donated cells that cause breast cancer in lab models. These cells grew rapidly and their faulty DNA allowed mutations which give rise to the cells becoming cancerous.

An osteoporosis drug called denosumab was able to slow the development of breast cancer in the lab. Researchers think they might be able to delay or prevent breast cancer in women with BRCA1 defects who are at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Denosumab does have side effects and needs further study. In the meantime, you can safely take Xymogen's S-Acetyl Glutathione, OncoPlex ES and CurcuPlex CR to reduce your risk of several cancers.
References Nolan, E et al. (2016) "RANK Ligand As A Potential Target For Breast Cancer Prevention In BRCA1-Mutation Carriers". Nature Medicine. DOI:10.1038/nm.4118 (link is external)


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