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Protein May Be the Key to Locking Down Tumors - I.V. Ozone and German Biologics for Cancer

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 13, 2018 10:13:38 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Fighting the spread of Cancer.

Part of the what makes cancer so hard to fight is that even if the primary tumor is removed, the disease may have already spread, thus popping up in different parts of the body. Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute may have discovered how to "lock down" the tumor by identifying a protein that fuels this process of metastasis and reducing the levels of this protein.

The transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) is a signaling protein that normally controls the growth of healthy cells, but "cancer can break those rules thanks to a mutation that allows them to spread and evade detection by the immune system."  This makes TGF-β a good potential target to help fight cancer. We test our patients for TGF-Beta through Empire City Labs. It is part of our comprehensive lab tests.

Completely suppressing the protein isn't an option as it has positive functions in the body so the researchers focused their attention on a related protein called Latent TGF-β Binding Protein 3 (LTBP3). This is the protein that regulates TGF-β so the team studied what role it may play in metastasis. Researchers "used chick embryo and rodent models of cancers, creating human tumor cell lines that modeled prostate carcinoma, head and neck carcinoma and fibrosarcoma." By blocking the expression and secretion of LTBP3 they found that the tumors were not able to metastasize.
In a process called angiogenesis, LBTP3 helps tumors to grow new blood vessels, this is critical for cell intravasation. It helps tumors grow and metastasize at an early stage giving researchers a new target to focus on stopping cancer from spreading very early on.

If you have a diagnosis of cancer - then you will want to know about this test. It can be useful to monitor the effectiveness of any treatment that you choose for your condition. The IvyGene test is now offered at Second Nature Care! We offer safe and effective Ozone therapy with German Biologics that are specific for malignancies. 

Not only do ozone therapies relieve chronic pain but, they are also safe effective cancer treatments.

Safe, effective and affordable too. It doesn't come along with all the harsh side-effects of chemo radiation and can even be used in conjunction with chemo as ozone makes chemo and radiation more effective. 

We have the Herrmann machine in our practice.Hailing all the way from Germany, the Herrmann can provide up to 10 pass I.V treatments in one session! Three 10 pass sessions once a week is equivalent to 30 plus sessions.

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Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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