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Reduce Inflammation with Natural Anti- Inflammatories

[fa icon="calendar'] May 22, 2020 10:15:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim

Inflammation can be caused by infectious agents and injuiries. The immune system becomes over-activated and produces chemical cytokines that cause inflammation in several autoimmune diseases.

POP1 blocks a pro-inflammatory chemical called Interleukin -1b.

In a recent study at Northwestern Medical, mice that expressed POP1 were protected from systemic inflammation. They recovered more quickly from other serious conditions like: sepsis and peritonitis (abdominal inflammation). It was discovered that people with severe inflammatory conditions had less POP1 in their immune cells. 
Over 11 years ago, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a debilitating inflammatory arthritis, that was caused by Epstein-Barr virus and Mycoplasm Pneumonia. Who knew you could get Mono after 50, but with extreme stress you can turn your dirty genes on. I was lucky because I found a well-trained rheumatologist, the best in NJ, and when I saw that everyone in his waiting room was in a wheelchair or physically impaired - I took my own case. He was open to me about running my own labs and medications and within 11 months I was in total remission. I lost 60 pounds of baby fat and I started to rebuild muscle mass and my life. 
I have been fine ever since, but recently my right hip (congenital difference) started to act up and this winter I felt increasing stiffness/pain/generalized inflammation and abit moody. I've managed my hip quite nicely with Prolozone injections every six months. Now we have a permanent solution because we found a reputable stem cell therapy supplier in the US so I will get umbilical cord new born baby stem cells next month. You do not want to use your own stem cells because of disease and age. We've had patients go to other countries and spend upwards of 50,000 dollars to harvest their stem cells and they maybe got 6-7 months of remission and then their disease came back with a vengeance. We are going to combine stem cells (systemic and local joint injections) with ozone for the most powerful treatment. Most providers just give stem cells and do not offer ozone at the same time. It makes sense to follow stem cells with saline and ozone to reduce any inflammatory response and added protection from any potential pathogens in the stem cells. 
In the meantime, I discovered LDN or low dose naltrexone - an anti-opioid. This drug is amazing and is used to treat Alzheimer's, Autism, Celiac disease, ALS, COPD/Emphysema, Hashimoto's  Endometriosis, HIV/AIDS, Inflammatory bowel disease, MS, Parkinson's disease, Psoriasis/Eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sarcoidosis, Scleroderma and prevention of Cancers and treatment of Cancers. 
How does LDN work?
It boosts endorphins produced in the brain and adrenal glands that relieve pain, modulate the immune system and enhance a sense of wellbeing. It attaches to opioid receptors to block endorphin attachment and gives your body signals to produce more endorphins which orchestrate the activity of stem cells, macrophages and other immune cells. LDN helps the body fight disease.
I can say that I don't have pain or stiffness, my mood is lifted and I feel confident to sign up for a cycling vacation and ride 25 miles per day. We are prescribing it for patients with cancer, Alzheimer's, addiction to opioids, scleroderma, MS, Lupus, Lyme, Psoriasis and inflammatory bowel and joint diseases. It works. 
If you have Hashimoto's or another autoimmune condition - you need to try LDN.
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Isadora Guggenheim

Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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