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Re-emergence of an old Alzheimer's Theory - I.V. Ozone, Ozone Chelation & Herpes

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 28, 2018 2:57:39 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

What are researchers discovering about Alzheimer's?

A team of researchers has found an unexpected correlation between Alzheimer's and high levels of herpes virus in the DNA. The results have spark the re-emergence of an old hypothesis that suggests viruses may play a part in the development of this degenerative disease.

The idea came about in the 1950's that postulated microbial infections as the source of much neurodegenerative disease. The hypothesis stated that what could be known as "slow virus diseases", where viral infections result in the progressive destruction of neurological processes, potentially decades after an acute infection. (Haridy, 2018)

By the 1980's studies began emerging specifically associating the herpes simplex virus with the onset of Alzheimer's disease.  The general research however started to shift focus to the amyloid hypothesis. The last few years after multiple failures of clinical trials surrounding the amyloid hypothesis, a growing community of researchers has brought back the old hypothesis.

The researchers in this case had originally intended to comprehensively study DNA, RNA and protein footprints in the brains of decease Alzheimer's patients with the goal of identifying certain overactive genes in Alzheimer's sufferers that could help direct future drug research.  Instead, what ultimately stood out was an abundance of genes related to two particular strains of herpes virus.

The strains that were found to be the most abundant in the brains of the Alzheimer's patients were HHV-6A and HHV-7. They found upon further research that these viruses may have interacted with human genes and disrupt a gene called Mir155. The depletion of Mir155 was modeled in mouse studies an a greater accumulation of amyloid plaques was identified.

A big issue with the study however is that these two particular herpes viruses are extremely common in most human beings. With an estimated 90% of children having a least one of the viruses in their blood very early in life.  While the correlation is strong there is not strong enough evidence for causation in the onset of Alzheimer's.

Ozone therapy is a recognized anti-aging treatment that helps to lower blood pressure, improve micro-circulation and gets more oxygen to the brain. Ozone can cross the blood brain barrier to attack pathogens of all kinds which damage the neural glial cells.

We change your diet, create an exercise strategy and offer weekly treatments to improve cognition. Our patients with strong family history of Alzheimer's and dementia show definite and measurable improvement with short-term memory and cognition. We add in several German biologics to combat brain injuries.

We recognize elevated heavy metals that cross the blood brain barrier as risk factors for Alzheimer disease. We test and treat heavy metal toxicity with I.V. ozone chelation therapy. It's safe, effective, advanced treatment that prevents further damage.

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