Our aging cells.

As we age, our cells do too. As they grow older, they gradually lose the ability to heal themselves.  But, thanks to a team of researchers at Georgia Tech that may be treatable in the future.  

The team developed a hydrogel that holds muscle stem cells and by injecting this near the site of a muscle injury, they can get to work repairing it.  They report that this treatment could be effective in treating injuries in the elderly and people with muscular dystrophy. 

The cells are known as muscle satellite cells, and in young people they are common in muscle strands throughout the body that are ready for damage control as soon as any occurs but, as we age the number of these cells decrease and those remaining become weaker. 

"Any muscle injury is going to attract immune cells," says Young Jang, one of the principal investigators on the study. "Typically, this would help muscle stem cells repair damage. But in aged or dystrophic muscles, immune cells lead to the release of a lot of toxic chemicals like cytokines and free radicals that kill the new stem cells." (Irving, 2018)

The biocompatible hydrogel is able to hold the muscle satellite cells in place and protect them from immune cells, keeping them from self destructing as they do when left alone and free-floating.

Mice testing found that the method successfully boosted the healing process and it was found to be effective on elderly mice and those that had a genetic muscle tissue deficiency. 

Since human trials haven't been conducted, if you are searching for pain relief, prolozone may be right for you. Prolozone is an injectable combination of natural anti-inflammatories, tissue regeneration homeopathics, cellular nutrients, proliferants and ozone.  This combination repolarizes cellular membranes so injured cells can heal.  Inflammation and swelling disappear. Proliferants stimulate growth factor production and ozone stimulates healthy blood flow.

What do pro-athletes use? They use Prolozone and I.V. Ozone MAH. Ozone is better than oxygen and exercise combined.

What can you expect after your first injection? Your first injection is an anti-inflammatory formula.

  • Immediate decrease in pain 
  • Soft and hard tissue regeneration
  • A true cure for your chronic injuries and degenerative processes
  • No pain and Zero side effects

Prolozone therapy integrates the use of injectable ozone to promote healing. Prolozone gives immediate pain relief and improvement with no recovery time. Prolozone is effective in regenerating damaged cartilage in knees and hips; Prolotherapy is not able to do this. Prolotherapy uses inflammatory agents to stimulate growth factors.  Prolotherapy is painful, requires multiple injections and takes time to recover from treatment. Prolozone is a better solution to musculoskeletal conditions.  

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