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Science Can Reverse Aging

[fa icon="calendar'] May 13, 2020 11:30:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim

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Scientists reversing the effects of aging!

A breakthrough study has demonstrated that by reversing mitochondrial dysfunction in mouse models hair loss can be reversed and wrinkles smoothed.

This research is leading science in the direction of discovering a way to reverse the signs of aging in humans. The correlation between aging and the decline of mitochondrial function has been known for some time. Depletion of mitochondrial DNA has been implicated in a number of human diseases, including diabetes, age-associated neurological disorders, and even cancer. (Haridy, 2018)

A human loses an estimated four copies of Mitochondiral DNA each decade and for the first time this study has demonstrated that the restoration of mitochondrial DNA can improve a number of associated physiological pathologies.

Ozone corrects damaged mitochondria and reverses aging. 

"The new study began by engineering a mouse model where mtDNA can be depleted using a common antibiotic trigger. At eight weeks of age the mice were administered the antibiotic trigger, resulting in a subsequent depletion of mtDNA. Within four weeks the mice displayed hair loss, wrinkled skin and lethargy, all signs of natural aging, albeit in an accelerated fashion." (Haridy, 2018)
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More significantly, when the antibiotic trigger was withdrawn the researchers witnessed an impressive reversal of these physiological signs, including a thick regrowth of fur and a smoothing of all skin wrinkles.

While a great deal more research needs to be done before this discovery results in an actionable human treatment, if this can be replicated in humans and effectively modulated it may offer a future where we can reduce age-related physiological degeneration such as wrinkling and hair loss.

"This mouse model should provide an unprecedented opportunity for the development of preventive and therapeutic drug development strategies to augment the mitochondrial functions for the treatment of aging-associated skin and hair pathology and other human diseases in which mitochondrial dysfunction plays a significant role," says Singh.

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