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Shingles Related to Vasculitis - I.V. Ozone

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 14, 2017 5:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

How else is the Shingles Virus affecting your health?

History of Shingles has been associated with an increased risk of developing giant cell arteritis in patients over 50. The same group that has higher risk for shingles and is advertised to take the live shingles virus vaccine.

Giant cell arteritis is a form of vasculitis that effects older individuals and is characterized by headache, scalp tenderness and jaw claudication. Other complications may include vision loss, aortic aneurysms and cardiovascular events. "The pathophysiology is thought to involve abnormal interactions between the blood vessel wall and the immune system, with dendritic cells recruiting CD4+ T cells and macrophages that ultimately form granulomas."

It is not known if the antivirals or shingles vaccine are influencing the risk of GCA. It may not be known, but has it been studied for correlations?

"Given the potentially severe consequences of GCA, if HZ is indeed a trigger, treatment with antivirals and vaccine use might help prevent the disease, although the data in this study was unclear. Antiviral use was reportedly lower among complicated cases, but that may have been because treatment was given on an inpatient basis, or was delayed. As to vaccination, no benefit was seen, but few patients had received the vaccine, which is only about 50% effective and its protective effects wane with time."

The ads on T.V. market the shingles vaccine which is a live virus and is contraindicated for those who are already immunosuppressed, have an autoimmune condition or cancer. 

What are the current treatments for shingles? 

Acyclovir is used to abate the herpes virus and oxycodone the addictive narcotic is used to alleviate pain. 

What are natural treatments to prevent and treat shingles?

Remember the BASICS

  • Clean up your diet. Viruses thrive on sugar, alcohol and simple carbs. 
  • Drink a high oxygen green juice daily especially during the colder months.
  • Get enough good quality sleep nightly.
  • Moderate exercise daily. 
  • Natural homeopathic shingles remedy
  • I.V. Ozone treatment with specific medicine for Herpes Zoster
  • Ozone cream applied directly on the lesion (heals quickly)

Take your Xymogen's Immunotix 500, ProbioMax DF and Viragraphis daily. We also have natural shingles vaccines. For those who have patiently waited we have our natural flu vaccine in the beginning of October.

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