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Spiders and IBS

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 13, 2016 6:37:09 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

The key to IBS might have been found in... spiders?

A research team from Australia and the United States may have discovered the target for IBS with the help of spiders. They were able to use spider venom to identify a specific protein involved in transmitting mechanical pain. The researchers think this is a vital step in treating patients with irritable bowel syndrome. 

The spider venom is full of molecules that stimulate the pain-sensing nerves in our body. This allows the researchers to find new pathways for pain by examining which nerves are activated when exposed to the spider toxins.

The team of researchers found an ion channel called NaV1.1 was activated with the spider venom implying that it played a significant role in pain. They also found that it was present in pain-sensing nerves in the gut. This underlies pain felt in irritable bowel syndrome. They are now trying to develop a molecule to block the NaV1.1 protein and ultimately eliminate the pain from IBS.

Getting through an irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis can be rough. You know something is wrong, but there is no definitive medical explanation as to what. It can be very frustrating and feel like what you are going through is not a big deal, but it IS a big deal.  You can talk to your doctor about the possibility of IBD and be tested for it. Or, you can head to Second Nature Care. Here Dr. G starts with the gut.. She will help you regulate your gut microbiome and see what dietary changes could be necessary for you. Learn more about our Good Gut probiotics. They will regulate your gut flora.

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Stop living with pain, gas, bloating etc.. and take action for you health. When your gut feels better you will feel an incredible sense of well being. I did.

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