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The Dr G interview for Breast Cancer Study and Support

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 6, 2016 5:38:05 PM / by Susan Guggenheim

The Editors of interviewed Dr G., ND, RN, MS, CNS LMT on ozone and breast cancer.

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Q - Dr. Guggenheim, if a breast cancer patient has had surgery to remove her tumor, and has declined chemo and radiation, what kinds of ozone therapy do you offer? (Dr. Hulda Clark recommended whole body ozone bagging, even bagging of the affected breast.)  And how many ozone treatments does a breast cancer patient typically have?
A - We offer all standard kinds of ozone plus more.  Patients undergoing treatment are advised about clinical nutrition, cancer-fighting oral nutraceuticals, hydrotherapy and homeopathy.

We offer high dose MAH major autohemotherapy, vaginal, rectal and bladder insufflations, limb bagging, add-ons including: glutathione, Vitamin C  - low, moderate and high dose, homeopathic nosodes specific for breast cancer and other cancers too.

Our I.V. ozone therapy is highly effective as we can deliver up to 750 ml of ozone safely at different gamma ranges from 20 to 86 and above.

We offer white and red ozone treatments. We begin with 250 ml of ozonated saline loaded with individualized homeopathic injectables followed by blood drawing with heparin and finally ozonating the patient's drawn blood.

Treatments take about an hour. During our I.V. treatment patients receive ozone inhalation because diseases and medicines cross the blood brain barrier. I am not aware of any other clinic offering this full service package.

We follow all American Academy of Ozone Therapy guidelines. All patient must go through an intake and be seen by our doctors before they receive I.V. therapies. 

Cancer is a systemic disease so I would not choose limb bagging as a frontline treatment. I.V. ozone is much more effective followed by ozone colonics and or ozone sauna. 

There is no set number of treatments and treatment reflects the progression of the disease. As an average, most do 10-12 MAH treatments before repeating labs and imaging. Then they move on to high dose Vitamin C drips.
Q - Dr. Guggenheim, if a person does decide to do chemo and/or radiation, do you do ozone therapy at the same time as the breast cancer patient is undergoing treatment? 
A - Those patients who choose a hybrid model do weekly or biweekly ozone treatments as ozone is not contraindicated during chemo and radiation. Our treatment protects them from severe side effects down to a cellular level. Chemo and radiation cause DNA damage which we protect with specific homeopathic formulas.
Q - Dr. Guggenheim, what kinds of supplements do you feel are most important to complement ozone therapy for the breast cancer patient?
A - Outside of radical dietary changes and daily juicing, I recommend high quality high dose nutraceuticals like Turmeric, Broccoli seed extract, mushroom extracts, Resveratrol, probiotics and beta-glucans. There are more, but those are certainly foundational medicines.

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