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Our gut microbiome is filled with trillions of living micro-organisms.


The mix of bacteria, fungi and viruses varies from person to person but one thing remains true, the gut is the "hub" of your body.   While we have known about these tiny organisms for some time now, scientists are finally starting to understand how grand of a role they play in our bodies.  The broad reach of our gut bacteria over our body and mind has been one of the most incredible discoveries of the century. 

Here are some of the major roles your gut bacteria plays throughout the body

  • Obesity-related depression and anxiety
  • PTSD and Alzheimer's disease
  • Triggering autoimmune disease
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Cancer Prevention through Gene Control 
  • Drug Treatment Responses
  • Improving Autism Symptoms
  • Fighting Salmonella
  • Weight Loss
  • Reducing the risk of seizures

What damages our microbiome? Alcohol, Western diet, trauma, lack of exercise, dehydration, genetic differences, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi), heavy metals, GMO's genetically modified organsims, pesticides and other nonxious chemicals.

There are ways to alter our gut microbiome to create a healthier environment. Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics! We offeer Good Gut probiotics to help get you balances!  to  You can also try exercising, researchers have found clear evidence that exercise is a valuable way to change the composition of your microbiome. High protein intake and high levels of creatinine kinase are drivers of gut biodiversity.  Microbial diversity is important because that is how you can strengthen your immunity and increase your metabolic rate.  

As far as the future of gut bacteria goes, researchers in London think the age of the "smart" toilette is near, that will be able to offer a view of stool profile and give insight to what is happening in your gut microbiome. Until that day comes, we can help you find our what's going on in your gut! We offer Ubiome stool testing and full lab write-ups through Empire City Labs which are usually covered by insurance.  

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