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The Citric Acid Cycle

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Citric Acid Cycle Catalysts in Greater Detail

The contribution of homotoxicology to the progress of medicine has been pivotal because it links homeopathic concepts and laws to modern scientific knowledge. Dr. Reckeweg’s starting point was the study of homeopathic materia medica, but he enriched and added to it in various ways and on various levels.

Therapeutic approaches

"An original and essential contribution resulted from the great attention paid to the study of the cell, which Reckeweg defined as the primary and fundamental element in which disease originates.

An energy deficiency in the cell causes it to dysfunction, and an individual cell dysfunction is the start of a more complex pathology, which inevitably becomes an organic disorder.

When it enters a crisis, the cellular energy plant (i.e., the mitochondrion) begins to lack energy for any biochemical cellular process; in particular, the proteins, enzymes, and cytokines which are fundamental to the life of a specialized cell are not synthesized.

A cell that is lacking energy reduces its function to a minimum, uses large quantities of glucose via a metabolic route that does not require oxygen, pollutes the surrounding connective tissue, and progressively assumes the characteristics of a neoplastic cell.

This whole sequence of events which leads from normal physiology to dysfunction, to degeneration, and eventually to neoplasia, is initiated in the mitochondrion and, more specifically, in that sequence of oxidative reactions involved in pyruvic acid catabolism and ATP production.

It is clear how important it is to keep this sequence of key biochemical reactions as efficient as possible for both the catabolic and anabolic aspects of cell function. 

Patients with chronic degenerative diseases, which are those we encounter most frequently today in our natural medicine clinics, primarily need specific, selective stimulation of the citric acid cycle. Treatment with intermediary catalysts in a dilute, dynamized form offers an exceptional therapeutic opportunity in this domain.

The patient is assessed and, if this shows that he is in one of the cellular phases of the homotoxicology table, total stimulation of the citric acid cycle must be carried out, either by the administration of Coenzyme compositum or the individual catalysts if they are available.

If we consider that the organism often uses the building blocks of the citric acid cycle via many other metabolic pathways, it is clear that deficiencies of substances at various levels will tend to block the cycle once again. It is therefore useful to start therapy to support the citric acid cycle with Coenzyme compositum, at the rate of one ampoule sublingually or by injection 1 to 3 times weekly.

Children, in whom the citric acid cycle has presumably not reached a block as in adults or in chronically ill patients, can obviously start directly with the catalysts providing energy and a reactive stimulus to the organism. Although this is the best general strategy for using the citric acid cycle catalysts, it is also useful to be familiar with the role and consequently the clinical indications of the individual catalysts."


This is what I teach and practice. Pairing I.V. Ozone MAH with these German Biologics. We rebuild the immune system and repair damaged mitochondria to reverse chronic disease patterns.



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Women and Lyme I.V. Ozone

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Women have a greater chance of having chronic illness like anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, etc., than men. This “gender gap” results from both “biological and social factors.” It was also found that illnesses predominantly found in female patients are often misdiagnosed as chronic Lyme disease. This article aims to explore how women with these chronic illnesses, especially those diagnosed with Lyme disease, can be treated in accordance to the patient’s menstrual cycle and/or phase of life.

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MELATONIN - You need it

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The Benefits of Melatonin

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Ozone Viral and Bacterial Infections

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“The chance of survival had been reduced to less than 5%”. 
“The situation was getting complicated. The patient already suffered from hypoxia due to Covid had contracted the ‘opportunistic’ infection from bacterium Acinetobacter baumannii, one of the worst. Moreover it was resistant to antibiotics. With a very high probability Covid-19 and Acinetobacter baumannii together would have caused the patient’s death”. 
So Dr. Riccardo Barchetta – Director of Intensive Care at the City of Rome Nursing Home – told us the story of one of his patients.
Since January 2021, the City of Rome Nursing Home has been converted into a treatment center for patients suffering from Covid devoting one hundred and sixty beds to treating all levels of infection intensity.
Narrated Dr. Barchetta: “A fifty-year-old patient with Covid pneumonia arrived with a serious obesity comorbidity. He weighed at least 150 kilos (335 pounds).
“Three days after admission, the situation was getting worse.
“We then transferred him to intensive care and was treated with antibiotics, heparin, cortisone along with high percent oxygen by mask non-invasively.
“This was a nice patient, very helpful and cooperative, very proactive with a great desire to live. He often told us about a young daughter that he dotes on.
“After three to four days of non-invasive ventilation I realized that his condition was getting worse from a respiratory point of view.
“The experience and knowledge of the literature produced led us to a decision to switch to invasive and controlled mechanical ventilation through ‘gold standard’ tracheal intubation.
“To try to improve oxygenation, we also practiced several pronation cycles.
“The hypoxia remained, however, and, since extubation was not expected in the short term, we performed a tracheostomy. This involves placing a small cannula directly into the trachea, a method which is now widespread in patients with severe respiratory problems.
“Oxygenation levels varied, and then the patient at began to spike a high fever, so we ran cultures to identify the possible presence of bacterial superinfection.
“Although strict protocols and procedures were in place in our facility to prevent this, it was confirmed that the patient had a pulmonary infection by Acinetobacter baumannii, an ‘opportunistic’ bacterium and multidrug-resistant to antibiotics. It is a pathogen responsible for about 80% of the infections found in intensive care worldwide. It is very aggressive and affects patients in a critical condition and in relative immune depression. This is common in intensive care and can often become lethal.
“The situation was becoming dramatic. I have seen many people die of Covid, and now I had a patient who, together with Covid, had one of the worst antibiotic resistant bacteria that could attack his lungs.
“Even with conventional antibiotic therapy, the fever went up and as did the systemic inflammatory state.
“While I was wondering what to do, the ozone generator arrived.
“The machine was part of the agreement that the Città di Roma nursing home signed with the Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (SIOOT) and with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart for the realization of a research project called ‘Multicenter clinical study on the evaluation of the efficacy of Oxygen-Ozone therapy in combination with antibiotic therapy’.
“I asked the Medical Director for authorization, and it was granted to me immediately, so the patient was immediately given a major autohemotherapy infusion of ozone (MAH) with dosages as per the SIOOT protocol.
“Before MAH, the patient’s state of inflammation was very high. The value of interleukin-6, which in normal conditions is close to zero, in the patient was almost 100.
“Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a protein produced by the immune system, and is used precisely to measure the state of systemic inflammation in the patient.
“Well, just 12 hours after the first oxygen-ozone therapy session, we measured the interleuchina-6 and we found that it had dropped from 98 to 22.
“12 hours after the first we performed a second MAH, and the value of interleukin-6 was further halved, dropping to 10.
“After the third session of oxygen-ozone therapy 24 hours later, the patient no longer was febrile, and in the following days we witnessed a progressive improvement in oxygenation and the general picture, with furthermore negativization of the infection both by covid and by the bacterium.
“The patient was then transferred in good general condition to a rehabilitation ward.
“This was an incredible result. I was sure of the effectiveness of oxygen-ozone therapy, but I never imagined that three sessions would be enough to heal a person who seemed destined to die.
“Everyone was able to observe the effectiveness of oxygen ozone therapy, both against Covid and in overcoming a serious antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection.
“Some had heard of ozone therapy, its virustatic and bactericidal as well as immunostimulatory effects, but no one would never have imagined such a result.
“I myself, who also knew and had been studying the applications and results for this kind of critical situation, was struck by the effectiveness and speed with which ozone eradicates viruses and bacteria”.
So, another person who seemed destined to succumb was rescued and healed by oxygen-ozone therapy.
Interview by Antonio Gaspari
Director Orbisphera
For a deeper understanding of the healing abilities of ozone we recommend the books:
Antonio Gaspari, “Ozone: a cure for life”
Call us and see how I.V. Ozone can help you. 845 358-8385
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Edgar's Story, Lyme and IV Ozone

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Please click the link to view Edgar's story on how Ozone successfully cured his Lyme Disease. There are 5 videos for the full story. Please share these videos with others to spread our message and help people recover from Lyme! 

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Medical Mushrooms

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Medical Mushrooms play an important role in the treatment of cancer. In the past decade, the use of mushrooms has attracted much attention in the efforts to understand their various benefits and the ways in which they influence cancer prevention.  A relatively large number of studies have indicated that mushrooms affect cancer via multiple pathways. Trametes versicolor also known as turkey tail, is the most widely researched of all the medicinal mushrooms. It is distributed around the United States and most other countries. Medicinal use in Chinese medicine dates back 2000 years.

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Treating Lyme The Simple Way

[fa icon="calendar'] May 25, 2021 8:06:17 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim posted in Autoimmune Disease, Ozone and Prolozone therapies, Neurological Conditions, Chronic Illness and Disease

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Leading Lyme disease specialists call for even more antibiotics and other toxic drugs to kill Lyme and co-infections than they did before. This only magnifies the vicious circle created by antibiotics in all chronic infections since healthy cannot be restored by the very means that destroyed it. Even the reputable infection disease specialist have realized this problem. One of these, professor of infection disease at NYU and former president of the Infectious Disease Society of America, Martin J. Blaser, MD, published a well referenced book on health destroying effects of antibiotics, leading to a long list of chronic diseases. Even the discoverer of antibiotics, Professor Alexander Fleming, MD forewarned in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech as long back as in 1945, that microbes will outwit antibiotics, which are to e used with great caution to prevent deadlier infections than the original, due to mutations. But in the absence of a better means to harness infections, medical practitioners have continued the antibiotic onslaught. While one of the main goals of Lyme treatment is relief from pain an is sufferings, the most devastating of all antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, are offered too, and are known to inflict horrendous pain, due to neurological damage. Other relevant side effects of antibiotics include damage to kidneys. At Second Nature we treat Lyme without antibiotics and can help you get your Lyme under control. To find out more click the "Learn about Ozone" button. Learn About Ozone

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Chronic Fatigue and Chemical Sensitivities

[fa icon="calendar'] May 23, 2021 4:37:50 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim posted in Allergies, Autoimmune Disease, Ozone and Prolozone therapies, Chronic Illness and Disease, Mental Health

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is associated with a positive Epstein-Barr titer and tender lymph nodes suggesting some infectious influence. Some researches question whether EBV causes CFS or is it opportunistic. in CFS, fatigue and cognitive problems are the overwhelming complaints. Multiple Chemical sensitivities (MCS) is a controversial diagnosis unless you are the patient who has it.  Many in the medical community consider MCS symptoms to be a physical manifestation of a psychiatric illness rather than a primary medical illness.  There is belief that the Vagus nerve is responsible for these illnesses. What does the Vagus Nerve do? it basically keeps you alive. It controls your heartbeat your digestive track, and most importantly it controls your immune system.  However; treating the Vagus nerve is far too risky and no one will for Chronic Fatigue or Chemical Sensitivities. The next best thing is to get a doctor who believes in your symptoms and will put the time and energy into treating you.     

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The Co-Infections of Chronic Lyme Disease - I.V. Ozone and German Biologics

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2021 10:38:54 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi posted in Detoxification, Autoimmune Disease, Ozone and Prolozone therapies, Neurological Conditions, Chronic Illness and Disease

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Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-Infections.

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