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Toxic Mold and Eczema

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Was your house hit in the recent storms in the Tri-State area or somewhere else?  Toxic mold exposure can make your child's eczema worse.  Eczema, asthma and overall health is affected by toxic mold exposures.  You may have gotten mold clean-up for your house, but did you get mold clean-up for your family? You need environmental detoxification.

A recent Korean study used infrared cameras to assess water damage and surface temperature differences.  These measurements were compared to mild, moderate and or severe atopic dermatitis scores in children.  Researchers took air samples from the kid's bedrooms and the living room.

"Airborne mold was higher in homes with water damage, but there was no difference in airborne mold between homes with and without visible mold or water stains."  It was a surprise to the researchers that the strongest association between eczema to mold was not with visible mold.

"Water damage and eczema severity were associated when infrared inspections were employed.  Children in homes with infrared-detected water damage were 15 times more likely to have moderate to severe eczema."  

We have wonderful mold exposure treatments at Second Nature.  It's important to correct any water leakage and we can make a mold specialist referral to clean up your home.

For adults - the best treatment modality for mold is I.V. Ozone. Flood the cells with oxygen/ozone. Oral protocols take too long for recovery. Our recent toxic mold exposure patients wish they had done I.V. Ozone when they were first ill. They would have been better, re-abled, and saved tens of thousands of dollars. Most chronic Lyme patients have a toxic mold co-infection. If the family is living in a toxic mold environment - then everyone must be treated. 

Another fact to consider is general moisture in the home.  Moisture even without mold will support the growth of dust mites which is a risk factor for allergic children with atopic dermatitis.  
We have pediatric treatments for eczema that work.  We use simple liquid RX homepathic formulas for mold exposure, dust mites, eczema (both wet and dry) so your child can get back to normal.  

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Isadora Guggenheim

Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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