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Toxin Takeover - New Comprehensive Testing - Ozone Chelation - Great Plains Lab

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 8, 2018 6:18:49 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi


Don't let harmful toxins take control of your life. Your body is being polluted.

Something so simple as taking a bite of a red delicious apple could be exposing you harmful pesticides. 

Everyday you are exposed to harmful toxins that are polluting your body. Harmful chemicals are in the food you eat, water you drink, and the air you breath. There is no where to hide! When your hear about harmful toxins in your body you might be inclined to think about heavy metals, but nonmetal toxins are a big problem as well. 

Organophosphate pesticides are the most commonly used pesticides in the world. This is poison and 35% of apples tested in 2009 tested positive for organophosphate pesticides. Exposure to this pesticide often goes undetected, but this and other chemicals is taking a serious toll on our health.  

Symptoms of exposure can cause diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, lacrimation, anxiety, headache, convulsions, impaired respiration and circulation and tremors. 

You can take measures to avoid these toxins in your food and water.

Eat Organic.

The toxins that consume your environment can be affecting your health worse then you realized. 

How do you know if your body is severely polluted with toxins?

The Great Plains Laboratory has created a nonmetal toxin screening test called GPL-TOX that will screen for 168 harmful toxins in a single urine sample. The test sceens for over 150 organophosphate pesticides, benzene, styrene, xylene, the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, monoethylphthalate, six different pyrethroids, and the common gasoline additives MTBE and ETBE. 

Another toxin this new urine screening test can test for is vinyl chloride and dietylphosphate. These chemicals have been associated with spectrum disorders yet they are the most abundant industrial chemicals on earth with billions of kilograms being produced annually. They are most commonly used in polyvinyl chloride, best known as PVC. It can be found in a variety of plastic products including pipes, wire, cable coatings and packaging materials. PVC is TOXIC. It is also linked to angiosarcoma of the liver in humans and animals. Liver damage, severe neurologic disorders, and angioneuropathy have also been associated.

GPL-TOX also tests for other chemicals that can be precursors for many mental disorders including ADHD, neurological degenerative conditions, abnormally shaped sperm, and infertility. 

Remember Guys - You are behind the environmental gender genomic 8 ball because you are missing a chromosome leg that is a DNA repair kit. This is why men cannot have babies. Women have a better ability to repair damaged DNA. 

New Comprehensive Testing Available.  We have also teamed up with Empire City Laboratories to bring you full lab write ups at little to no cost to you.  This is the year to find your total body burden. 

The list of symptoms you could be feeling is endless. They could be caused by your environment and toxins that you did not even know you were ingesting. Stop suffering, come see Dr. G at Second Nature Care where you can be tested for heavy metal and nonmetal toxins that could be making you sick. We are your Detox Experts. 

Want to find out if you're "Toxic", take our toxic screening quiz!

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