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The Next New Therapy: UV Blood Irradiation

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This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BYTo kick off another exceptional year of ozone therapies, we wanted to go higher into the ozonosphere with our patients. We have a solid foundation as ozone experts and we have a great track record of preventing disease and resolving chronic disease patterns. We want more. We want to offer the best ozone therapies combined with UBI or ultraviolet blood irradiation. What is UBI? 

UBI is natural whole body anti-infection therapy. It is a simple, non-toxic FDA-approved treatment used for a wide array of infections and diseases. It is the process of exposing blood to ultraviolet light to stimulate the immune system and destroy any pathogens in the body including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, cancerous cells, and parasites while rapidly clearing biological toxins. Ozone and UBI were made for each other. 

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We incorporate UBI on every fill cycle and infusion cycle thus giving the best benefit to the patient. 

How old is UBI? And is it safe? 

UBI has been used in hospitals since the early 1900's. Dr. Neils Ryberg is considered the "father of UBI therapy." He won a Nobel prize in Medicine in 1903 for his successful treatments for lupus and other skin conditions. American researchers, E. Knott and V. Hancock, used UBI to treat septicemia since the 1920's. Clinical studies from the 1940's showed that UBI was an effective treatment for the polio virus. Amazing that UBI and it's effects on a variety of illnesses were published in prestigious medical journals and it was used world wide from the 20's till the 60's with over 500.000 treatments on over 30 thousand plus patients with no serious side effects. The technology has grown in this field and we offer top-of-the-line German equipment that has undergone stringent and rigorous testing. 

UBI Treatment Procedure

We incorporate UBI with I.V. Ozone MAH major auto hemotherapy sessions. Extracted blood runs through a small glass chamber called a curvette where it is exposed to ultraviolet light and then returns to the patient in a sterile closed-loop system. Many patients and providers report treatment improvements in less time which saves the patient treatment dollars. It only takes 3-5 treatments to see significant improvements. Severe and chronic disease states may take more time. Paired with I.V. Ozone, therapeutic value does not get any better. 

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How does it work? 

Like Ozone, UV light attacks pathogens. UBI therapy introduces ultraviolet energy into the bloodstream energizing biochemical and physiological defenses.  The energy is transmitted throughout the blood and initiates a strong immune response. Ultraviolet light damages the DNA of viruses and bacteria using “biological resonance” and renders them unable to replicate.  Viruses and bacteria are much smaller than human cells and have thin cell membranes therefore specific wavelengths of light (UV wavelengths) are able to penetrate these membranes without damaging our own red and white (immune) blood cells. The body’s ability to produce antibodies increases and destroys pathogenic microbes.Dead pathogens stimulate the immune system further so that new young and strong white blood cells increase the immune response even more to rid the body of the most stubborn pathogens. Treating the blood directly with UV radiation can expose and eradicate bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoa and other invaders hiding out in the blood and deep in the tissues. UBI is also known as an oxidative therapy, meaning it increases oxygenation of the blood and tissues. Viruses, bacteria, other pathogens and cancerous cells cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. UBI treatment, like ozone, has cumulative effects as each treatment builds on the previous treatment and enhances future treatments.


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