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Vaginal Dysbiosis - Ozone, Vitamin D, Probiotics

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What is vaginal dysbiosis?


 It is characterized by an imbalance. There is overabundance in the vaginal microbiome of pathogenic strains of bacteria compared to symbiotic and commensal organisms such as Lactobacillus.

The presence of the lactobacilli and a dominance of obligate anaerobes was defined as "normbiosis" in a Ukranian study.

Bacterial vaginiosis influences fertility, miscarriage, UTI's uterine infections, resistance to diseases that affect fertility and the health and survival of offspring. It is a dysbiotic condition of the vaginal tract and also the most common cause of vaginal symptoms in women worldwide. Standard treatment of BV consists of oral or intravaginal antibiotics and is associated with high rates of recurrence and promotes vaginal dysbiosis by reducing protective microbes.

Vaginal dysbiosis is linked to low Vitamin D levels. I recommend Xymogen's Vitamin D3 which is the only brand I know of that is soy-free. 

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I just got back from a yearly Xymogen conference that highlights clinical world experts in the field of alternative medicine. I took the tour of the Xymogen plant. They have the highest standards barr none to any other nutraceutical company. Their standards are higher than FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturers and big Pharma has Xymogen make some of their products because their attention to detail and quality control is unsurpassed. Big box stores sell products that have dust, allergens, illegal drugs, food preservatives/additives and unsubstantiated fillers in their formulas. When tested, some products did not even contain the component that was said to be in the formula. They are cheaper, but you are putting your health at risk by ingesting false products.

P.S. Don't buy Xymogen on Amazon; it can be counterfeit. Xymogen does not sell on Amazon. Get Xymogen through a legitimate licensed practitioner.

There are over 3 million cases per year in the United States alone of bacterial vaginosis. There is not only a disturbance in the flora, but many individuals who suffer from BV are also very low in vitamin D. It is also associated with excess yeast production and the chances of contracting this increase after menopause, in autoimmune diseases and in people with Lyme who continue to do multiple rounds of antibiotics.

During pregnancy, vaginal dysbiosis is a risk factor for complications including preterm birth, endometriosis, chorioamionitis and intrauterine death. Dysbiotic conditions that can impact fertility and the ability of a woman to carry offspring to term include STDS, BV, UTI and GBS.

When the balance among bacterial species within the vaginal microbiome is disrupted antibacterial defense mechanisms are weakened causing pathogenic bacteria to flourish.

Using probioics to treat dysbiotic conditions of the vaginal tract in fertility and pregnancy addresses the cause of the dysfunction and can be considered an effective alternative to antibiotics in these situations.

Vaginal ozone treatment can be used to eliminate bacterial vaginosis along with vaginal probiotics to regulate the microbiome of the vagina. The Mona Lisa Touch laser is also a wonderful treatment option for women going through menopause.

Ozone insufflation in the vagina can clear chronic yeast issues. Because it is a systemic condition, it makes sense to do an I.V. Ozone treatment first. All ozone therapies are MD ordered and RN administered in NYS. Ozone is affordable and based on the patient's budget. Call us to find out more about how ozone can help you.

If BV is contracted it is necessary that you eat properly get enough rest and make sure to take your vitamin D! We have natural suppositories for BV.

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