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What are Statins Doing to your Health? The Boston Heart Health Test - I.V. Ozone

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Statin use and its affect on your health

Statin drugs are supposed to target a specific enzyme pathway called HMG-CoA reductase (same pathway that inhibits the production of CoQ10).  They found genetic variants in an individual's genes that interact with the protein target in the statins.  rs17238484 and rs12916 and other genetic variations were associated with higher body weight, increased waist circumference, plasma insulin concentration and plasma glucose concentration levels.  

We offer the Boston Heart Health test in all of our offices. This is the most advanced non-invasive cardiac testing available. It pinpoints exactly what you need with pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes, etc. It is covered by insurance. I'm making my 23 year old daughter take this test. Yes, it's that good. Find out if you really need statins or you are better with an alternative.

In addition to causing increased weight gain, a recent study found that statin use is also associated with an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease. The strongest association was found for lipophilic vs hydrophilic statins, statins plus nonstatins, and for the initial period after starting statins.

Along with increasing your risk for Parkinson's, statin use also increases your risk for type I and type II diabetes.

Why not skip the statins and re-evaluate your diet, exercise and sleep patterns.  I start with a microbiome makeover first for cardiac patients.  We make swift dietary changes because the patient does not have time to waste.  I add in strategic and safe nutraceuticals which do not increase the risk of Type II diabetes.  

I always check for elevated lead, mercury and other metals as they are associated with cardiovascular disease.  

Second Nature patients take Xymogen's 5-MTHFR, CholeRex, D3 5000, Cardio Essentials, CoMax Ubiquinol, OptiFiber Lean and LipiChol.  

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Gut health is key in the treatment of Parkinson's. The removal of gluten, most grains and dairy from the diet would be great first steps. Processed carbohydrates aggravate SIBO and don't allow leaky gut mucosa to heal properly. High-protein foods block the absorption of the main Parkinson's medications - Levadopa or L-dopa which affects their efficacy. Testing for heavy metals with a sharp eye on mercury is very important. Poor gut function, high viral loads, exposure to pesticides and mercury are the "The Golden Triangle" in Parkinson's. Ozone chelation and I.V. glutathione both improve function while we are healing the gut with L-glutamine, fish oils, NAC, turmeric, probiotics, gelatin, phosphatidyl choline and resveratrol.

Check out this list of IV Ozone options and see what ozone can do for you!

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*All I.V. nutrient and ozone therapies are MD ordered and RN administered in NYS


Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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