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What Does Copper Have to do with SuperBugs? - I.V. Ozone, Free Lab Write Ups

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 15, 2018 10:34:17 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi


SuperBugs are emerging rapidly and cause for concern.

The rapid over use of antibiotics has lead to superbugs that are threatening our therapeutic efficacy and creating challenges to the human race.

The environmental protection agency has certified over 400 alloys as "antimicrobial copper: Certification allows the claim that 99.9% of bacteria will be killed within 2 hours. This efficacy is demonstrated against all types of pathological microbes including resistant bacteria such as MRSA and many viruses and fungi. The tested organisms succumb to the copper effect.

Copper has a history of over 5000 years of use. Microbes have not developed resistance to copper's killing impact over all this time and it is unlikely that would change due to intentional use.

Infectious germs are developing a resistance to disinfectants as well, there is also some evidence that suggest disinfectants may even be promoting the development of antibiotic resistance. The transfer of genetic determinants from antibiotic resistant microbes is dramatically reduced on copper alloyed surfaces. "Contact killing is very rapid and cells are not dividing on copper surfaces" (Herscu, 2018)

Taking steps such as utilizing copper equipment such as copper foil adherents, copper infused paint and using a simple copper coil in water to render safer water.

We partner with Empire City Labs. If they accept your insurance - your labs are free and you get a 36 - 64 page workup to find the root cause of your condition. We test for toxic mold exposure, Lyme and co-infections, unexplained chronic fatigue, full adrenal and thyroid panels, advanced cardiac panels, food allergies, irritable bowel/leaky gut panels, hormones, heavy metals, viral syndromes, genomics and pharmacogenomic testing for medications to see if you should or should not take certain drugs.

We have advanced ozone therapies to treat your condition.  All chronic disease is caused by altered intestinal microbiome or leaky gut and chronic disease utilizes oxygen so you become oxygen depleted. Ozone increases your oxygen utilization so your body can heal rapidly. 

We are trained and board-certified in the leading international ozone therapies.  I.V. ozone alone or paired with chelation, glutathione, Meyer's cocktails are part of our treatment options. 

We have the most advanced ozone equipment from Germany in the world for 10 pass MAH.

We offer bladder, vaginal and rectal ozone insufflation.

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 Hercu, P., ND, MPH, & Norden, M., MD. (2018, March). Antimicrobial Copper - The Solution to Superbugs. NDNR, pp. 12-13.

Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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