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What is Causing Your Chronic Diarrhea?

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Chronic diarrhea can be caused by a myriad health issues such as IBS, IBD, even mental health issues can affect the digestive system. Bile acid malabsorption could be at the route of chronic diarrhea, but medical and public awareness are low, leaving patients to receive sub optimal treatment.

Two patient support groups in the United Kingdom were asked to complete a survey online providing information on how bile acid malabsorption affects them personally. The majority of the survey respondents were female and most were diagnosed after the age of 50 and felt like their condition wasn't being taken seriously by practitioners. Two-thirds of the survey respondents had been diagnosed with IBS, and the majority had more than 10 interactions with medical professionals before being diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption.

When patients were appropriately diagnosed they responded that they did very well on drugs such as cholestyramine and colesevelam. Mental health issues also have important bearings on this condition due to its pervasive effects on daily life. Xymogen's GastrAcid, GI Protect and ProbioMax 350 DF are all recommended for bile acid malabsorption.

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