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What makes your Psoriasis Flare? - Ozone Therapy - Second Nature Care

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 9, 2019 7:29:46 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Psoriasis on your heel is connected to your gut. Second Nature Care specializes in reversing autoimmune diseases.

This is what I typically see every week with patients who have psoriasis.  As an autoimmune expert, I treat the gut first and that is more important than ever because of what researchers found. 

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We all know that autoimmune disease begins in the gut and that is why I developed my 21 day Good Gut protocol to reverse autoimmune conditions.  It works if you follow it. If you have psoriasis book your appointment now. Let's discuss your case before you think about trying dangerous biologics. 

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Bacterium in the intestinal microbiome is disturbed and pathogenic flora proliferates and causes a biochemical chain reaction systemically.  Now we know due to recent research that DNA from bacterial species normally found in the intestinal tract shows up in blood samples in patients with plaque psoriasis during flares. The presence of bacterial DNA in the blood was linked to high levels of inflammatory markers like: Interferon y, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Interleukin 1 Beta, 6 and 12 all proinflammatory chemical messengers. 

Leaky gut is more than leaky gut. Pathogens can escape from the intestinal lumen and migrate to the bloodstream where their presence really gets the autoimmune party started. 

Who are these pathogens? The same ones I test for in Genova's comprehensive stool profile. Echerichia coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Enterococcus faecalis, Proteus mirabilis, Streptococcus pyogenes and Shigella fresneli.

Second Nature Ozone Therapy

One of our new ozone patients has a friend who has life-altering psoriasis. Painful, scaling, bleeding whole body lesions. His friend needs to see me. We can regulate his immune system in 21 days by changing his diet, turning off his "dirty genes" and administering I.V. Ozone and natural biologics to eliminate his condition.

How do I correct your condition?  We change your diet, we recolonize and repair your leaky gut and I offer both I.V. ozone and rectal insufflation ozone. Ozone kills pathogens in the blood on contact. I supplement you with key nutraceuticals to turn your psoriatic genes off.  



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