Second Nature Care offers variety of services to best meet your health and personal needs.

Our Services Include:

  • I.V. Ozone Therapy for chronic illnesses
  • Prolozone  Therapy for sports injuries or chronic pain
  • Know Thyself is a comprehensive blood test (~500 data points) followed by a detailed report consultation
  • Naturopathic Consultation for chronic pain or illness
  • Other Services
    • Medical marijuana consultations
    • HCG for permanent weight loss
    • Stem cell therapy with Invitrix
    • Menopause and sexual function consultations

Below are the main services we provide. Ask us for the full published price list at your first visit.

Ozone Therapy - initial consultation $650.00
Ozone Therapy - per I.V. pass $250.00
Ozone Chelation $575.00
Prolozone Therapy - one injection $350.00
I.V. Nutrient Therapy- Meyer's Cocktail $250.00
I.V. Nutrient Therapy- per additional ingredient $25.00
HCG Diet - 30 Day $750.00
HCG Diet - 40 Day $950.00
Naturopathic Consultation $450.00
German Biologics added to I.V. each $25.00

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