What You Need to Know

About Good Gut probiotic products

I've been studying and working with the gut microbiome for several years. I am intimately aware of the importance of altered gut flora because I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2007. I suffered with disabling pain in every joint and was put on Methotrexate and prednisone for several months. My rheumatologist, the top one in the Tri-State area, did not understand the connection between the gut flora and autoimmune disease.

I did not want to end up like all the other patients in the waiting room at the rheumatologist's office - completely disabled and wheelchair bound.

Gut flora can become altered in everyone under the right circumstances which can cause "the perfect storm" of disease. Everyone of all ages and at any stage in life can benefit from GOOD GUT flora. Today, I perform high intensity exercise every day for 1.5 hours with no pain and rides my bike for 35-73 miles every Sunday.

Many of my clients have reversed their clinical presentation in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend GOOD GUT products to prevent and reverse your chronic disease. Don’t waste money buying inferior products made in sub-standard factories. Get the best, worry-free! 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This blog and recommended products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Schedule an appointment with your Naturopathic doctor for a full evaluation.