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Chronic Allergies? Allersode Desensitization Custom Formulas

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 20, 2016 5:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Live free from Pet Allergies and all other allergies. We make custom allersode densensitization formulas. Second Nature Care.

Are you suffering with chronic pet allergies? Do you have environmental or food allergies? Every week someone new comes in with severe congestion, head pressure, headache and another lost night of sleep because of environmental and food allergies. 


Some patients have underlying asthma and need emergency medications on hand for acute episodes. Once the emergent situations are stabilized we get to work using oral immunotherapies. These have been in double-blind studies and are accepted in the modern medical field of immunology. 

There is a special company that is able to make up custom formulas using samples of what you are allergic to like your dog dander and epithelium on a brush. My patient is going to give me a hairy sample from his dog brush to send in so they can manufacture a custom formula based on his pets. The base formula works to lower histamine release, support the adrenals and reduces the production of cortisol. 

Like cures Like. These formulas work because the mechanism of action is based upon a thousand year old time-tested tenet of medicine. 

In the meantime, "the patient" will reduce his total body burden and reactivity to his environment by removing inflammatory foods, repairing his intestinal microbiome and correcting genomic differences. 

So, whether you are allergic to animals, insects, airborne particles, grass and weeds, flowers, dust/mold, smoke or to proteins in caffeine, dairy, fruits, grains, seedsgluten, nightshades, nuts, shellfish, sugar or vegetables - You are in luck because we can address your hypersensitivities to all of the above with allersode desensitization drops that are easy for all ages to take daily. We monitor your progress in the office for desensitization.  

Remedies are easy to store, safe and inexpensive. NO SHOTS. 

Call me if you have chronic allergies of any kind if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

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Live free with Pet Allergies. We make custom formulas so you can play with your buddies. Second Nature Care.




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