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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome - How To Put the Fire Out

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 3, 2020 7:05:33 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Many patients with chronic Lyme or other inflammatory autoimmune conditions have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or MCAS. Many environmental insults contribute to MCAS and serve as triggers for lighting the fire within. Mast cells become activated and rupture releasing histamines into tissues and the bloodstream. This in turn creates inflammation in the body and abnormal immune responses. In order to address the other headlined condition - Lyme, inflammatory arthritis, Hashimoto's, sarcoidosis and such the fire must be put out first. 


What is a mast cell? Mast cells are white blood cells that are formed from your bone marrow. They contain basophilic granules that release inflammatory chemical messenger proteins, histamine and other chemicals that sound the alarm when your body encounters parasites, medications, infections, stress, spirochetes, food allergies, toxic mold, environmental contaminants and other pathogens. 

Mast cells are part of our immune system and they are found in connective tissue, epithelial lining of the gastrointestinal tract and the lungs. They balance inflammation in our blood vessels. This is of interest because of "cytokine storm" in the news with Covid-19. Patients are dying of overwhelming inflammatory responses and hypoxia or lack of oxygen. 

MCAS is an excessive release of histamines and it can affect every organ system in the body. MCAS is a co-morbidity condition that accompanies several chronic diseases. MCAS expression can present with hives, rashes, flushing, itching, abdominal pain, bloat and distention, reflux, nausea, diarrhea, low blood pressure or hypotonia, heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, dizziness, osteoporosis and mood disorders. 

MCAS is seen as the immune system going haywire. The immune system goes into unregulated dysfunction where Th1 immunity is inhibited and we move towards a Th2 response with more allergic inflammation is experienced. 

"Mast cell comes from the German word mastzellen which means fattening." German immunologist Paul Ehrlich originally thought mast cells were nourishing. 

What triggers mast cell activation? 

Lyme and tick borne infections, mold toxicity, heavy metals, EMF's/5G, viruses, pneumonias, medications, supplements, high histamine foods, temperature changes, physical, mental or emotional stress and traumas of all kinds. Once you read this list - you may feel like well everything causes mast cell activation. You're right. Treatment protocols must be done carefully because even quick detoxification can cause disruption. Low and slow to get to goal.  

How do you test for MCAS?


There are some tests that can help to identify this syndrome 

  • MMP-9 Matrix metalloproteinase - 9 in serum blood 
  •  N-Methylhistamine 24 hour urine test 
  • Histamine in serum blood 
  •  Trypsin or Tryptase in serum blood 
  • Prostaglandin D2  24 hour urine 
  • Chromogranin A in serum blood Where does treatment start? 
  •  Low Histamine diet - no leftovers, single-portion frozen foods, organic fresh fruits and vegetables, no fermented foods, no high histamine foods and you may have to be on this food plan for a year  
  • Sometimes RX scripts are needed - H1 and H2 blockers
  • Natural supplements like quercitin, liver support, turmeric, black cumin seed oil, methylation support 5MTHFR and diamine oxidase have proven useful. 
  • The clinical trick is to reduce histamine levels, address pathogenic overgrowth and support detoxification pathways. 
    • I recommend Xymogen's AllerDHQ (contains quercitin), Liver Protect or Med Caps DPO, HistDao away from food, 5 MTHFR and Drainage drops. MCAS treatment is for the long haul. It is not an overnight quick fix. It is about learning to live differently physically, emotionally and mentally. We incorporate I.V. Ozone and biologics from Germany for faster results. 
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      Here are some relevant links to today's stressful times. The first highlights the importance of Vitamin D3. Another uncovers what contact tracing is. Why do we need Melatonin? Vaccinations and hand held ultraviolet devices to kill germs. 
    • Xymogen makes a great soy free Vitamin D3. And Melatonin CR for these times. We deliver I.V. Ozone and UVBI ultraviolet blood irradiation in our sessions. Learn About Ozone





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