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Ozone Therapy for Long Haulers - ITALIAN OZONE

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 10, 2021 7:47:45 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Viva Italy. You might need Goggle translator, but since a picture equals a thousand words, have a look at this video from a prominent Italian oncologist using I.V. Ozone for the treatment of lingering symptoms from Covid. Resolve long hauler syndrome. 

Our equipment is from Germany so we are able to deliver continuous ozone to the patient's blood. We don't use any plastic bags, but instead a non-toxic i-set which contain no phthalates or DEHP. This i-set becomes a hyperbaric chamber. 

Our ozone does not come with delicious Italian pizza - we deliver good health and resolve long hauler syndrome in 1-3 sessions. Don't delay your treatment. Regain good health with I.V. Ozone MAH. We order comprehensive blood work covered by insurance and we see all of the elevated inflammation and immune markers that go along with long hauler syndrome. This is critical evidence to help patients who need to work at home, need extra work protection and or apply for disability. 

We are your East Coast Ozone experts. We also test your IgG and IgM Covid antibody status so we can determine if you have antibody immunity. If you do, then there is no medical need for the vaccine. We have found that our patients who had Covid and survived and then got the vaccines have new medical issues. Those who had Covid compared to those who got the vaccine have more robust immunity. It is worth the blood draw to see what your antibody status is. 



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Here is the Italian video of I.V. Ozone. Enjoy.

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