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Treating Lyme The Simple Way

[fa icon="calendar'] May 25, 2021 8:06:17 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Leading Lyme disease specialists call for even more antibiotics and other toxic drugs to kill Lyme and co-infections than they did before. This only magnifies the vicious circle created by antibiotics in all chronic infections since healthy cannot be restored by the very means that destroyed it. Even the reputable infection disease specialist have realized this problem. One of these, professor of infection disease at NYU and former president of the Infectious Disease Society of America, Martin J. Blaser, MD, published a well referenced book on health destroying effects of antibiotics, leading to a long list of chronic diseases. Even the discoverer of antibiotics, Professor Alexander Fleming, MD forewarned in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech as long back as in 1945, that microbes will outwit antibiotics, which are to e used with great caution to prevent deadlier infections than the original, due to mutations. But in the absence of a better means to harness infections, medical practitioners have continued the antibiotic onslaught. While one of the main goals of Lyme treatment is relief from pain an is sufferings, the most devastating of all antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, are offered too, and are known to inflict horrendous pain, due to neurological damage. Other relevant side effects of antibiotics include damage to kidneys. At Second Nature we treat Lyme without antibiotics and can help you get your Lyme under control. To find out more click the "Learn about Ozone" button. Learn About Ozone



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