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Welcome to the Ozonosphere - FAQ - Ozone Therapies

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Want to know more about Ozone?

Here are some Frequently asked questions answered:

Is Ozone Right for My Condition?

This question is discussed during your first visit. We make sure that you don't have any medical contraindications 

There is a long list of conditions that ozone therapy is beneficial for including: HIV, Hep C., Lyme and other tick-borne infections, Herpes, Pneumonia, Arthritis, Macular degeneration, Lupus, MS, Hepatitis, Strep and Staph infections, Allergies, Candida - systemic and local, Heart Disease, Skin conditions, Cancers, Toxic Mold Exposures, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Autoimmune Conditions, Sexually-Transmitted Infections, Gastrointestinal Conditions and more.

What Can Ozone Do for My Health?

  • Ozone stimulates your white blood cells into action.  This mechanism stimulates a healthy immune response.  
  • Ozone kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells on contact. 
  • Ozone speeds up the breakdown of heavy metals, petrochemicals and other noxious environmental exposures.  
  • Ozone increases the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor - normal biological chemicals that are needed to effectively fight infections and cancer.  
  • Ozone increases the efficiency of anti-oxidant enzymes to keep you well. 
  • Ozone reduces all kinds of inflammation. 
  • Ozone protects against neurodegeneration. It protects your brain function.  

What Does Ozone Have to Do with Chronic Disease?

When you are in a chronic disease state the amount of oxygen that goes into the cells is severely decreased. All chronic diseases and aging share a common principle. Disease and aging happen because of decreased oxygen into the cell.  With advanced technology, we can measure your level of oxygen utilization, and then increase it. The fastest way to increase your oxygen utilization levels is through I.V. ozone therapies. There is nothing faster or more effective.  

We offer ozone therapy delivered in several methods - I.V. Ozone, rectal, vaginal and bladder insufflation, optic and otic insufflation, prolozone into large joints, ozone into soft tissues and ozone inhalation.

To read more visit our website and scroll down to the FAQ section. Check out the "Ozonosphere" tab at the top to see what else Ozone can do for you.

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