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Ozone Effective for Chronic Conditions

If you have Chronic Fatigue or another chronic infection - Book a new patient ozone session with Second Nature Care. We created the first and only ozone clinic in Rockland County serving the Tri-State region. We offer the most advanced equipment, sterile preparations and provide you with a private room. We work with your budget to make treatments affordable. We individualize your treatment based on your condition, constitution and availability. Everything is centered around you including our add-on's - Meyer's cocktails, glutathione pushes, ozone chelation, amino acids and more. All therapies are MD ordered and supervised in the state of NY.

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Eliminate Chronic Pain in your Neck, Back and Pelvic Pain with Prolozone

Treat your neck, back and pelvic pain with great results. We're ready to rock Ozone on the East Coast. Our equipment is portable so we can bring our expert staff to your corporation for on-site treatment.

Give us 1/2 hour and we can change your life. It's worth it to be pain-free not to mention experience improved productivity immediately. Ozone improves cognition by increasing the amount of oxygen to your brain.

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Stay ahead of the Pack with Ozone for Sports Performance

You can rejuvenate with I.V. ozone drips and do ozone inhalation at the same time.  We can give you a Meyer's cocktail push at the end of your drip or make a custom formula specific for your condition. You will be amazed at your energy levels once your cells are pumped with ozone.  No hill will be too steep for you. 

The best news is that we will have weekend hours on Sat. and Sunday.

* All therapies are MD ordered and supervised and RN administered in the state of NY.

Non - Surgical Diastasis Rehab 

Diastisis BellyClick Below for more information! 

Diastasis Rehab


Hi Dr. Guggenheim,
I just wanted to thank you for providing a wonderful experience and results with the prolozone treatments you provided to heal my knee. For many years I was having occasional pain on the inner side of my right knee. Initially it wasn't anything to speak of, but over time it started to creep into my life more and more. Performing certain tasks like walking slowly for several hours at a flea market, working on a ladder for a long time or kneeling in a garden, would cause it to flare up and be noticeable. At its worst it would cause shooting pain in the middle of the night that would wake me up. After a day or two it would go away. However, over the years it was becoming more of a daily issue. Although I was never actually diagnosed with a specific condition, due to never having consulted a physician, a nurse friend on mine said the symptoms sounded like a torn meniscus.

After reading a book by Dr. David Brownstein, OZONE - The Miracle Therapy, I sought a practitioner and found you. Over the course of maybe four months I had two treatments, which of course consisted of injections into the affected area with an ozone cocktail. The first seemed to relieve some of the frequency and intensity of the pain, but after the second treatment I was pleased to find I no longer had any pain. On occasion I can feel a little something in the area, but it certainly doesn't qualify as pain (perhaps I should return for a third visit). :)

After having such a great experience I had also sought you out for a couple of Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) treatments to assist in my recovery from Ehrlichiosis (for the benefit of anyone else who reads this, it is a tick borne disease, kind of like Lyme). I'm happy to report that I quickly and fully recovered from the disease and have had no recurrence.

So again, thank you for the wonderful experience/results and also for the professional and thorough consultation, exam and recommendations of supporting supplements. You changed my life.


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