Auguste_Rodin_SexualFunctionPage.jpgAs we age, many women feel a change in their sexual function in terms of sexual desire, arousal and/or orgasm. Dr. Enzenbacher belongs to the International Society for the Study of Female Sexual Health.

She takes a sexual history and addresses concerns and issues a woman may articulate. Dr. Enzenbacher also educates her patients about ‘normal’ female sexual
function and sexuality. There can be a hormonal component, such as a deficiency in DHEA and or Testosterone. These levels are tested via blood work if indicated.

Dr. Enzenbacher evaluates and offers solutions for women who have compromised sexual function. This can include educational material in the form of handouts, suggestions for instructional and erotic reading, references for resources such as women’s sexuality web sites, on-line shopping, therapists, and hormone/vitamin supplementation.