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Flame Retardants Make People Fat

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 24, 2020 11:55:00 AM / by AI

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It's not just sitting on the couch that is making you fat; it's the flame retardants in the couch.  

Firemaster 550 is in mattresses, couches and other items that contain polyurethane foam. FM550 is a mixture of brominated phthalates or organophosphates.  

Guess what these chemicals cause?In a 2013 study researchers found that pregnant rats exposed to FM550 during and after pregnancy caused anxiety, obesity and early-onset puberty in rat offspring.  Investigators found that FM550 turned on the obesogens and selectively stimulated fat formation at the expense of building bone.  

Flame retardants literally light up the formation of fat tissue. Flame retardants activate peroxisome proliferator -activated receptors which are the master regulators of forming fat. 

Did you know that house dust can be a major source of flame retardant exposures?  House dust contains high levels of organophosphates.  They can be measured in the urine.  Young children can ingest large amounts of flame retardants through house dust on a daily basis.  

You have to do environmental detox.  We have specific medicines for flame retardant detox. They are inexpensive, in liquid form and are safe for children. 

Flame retardants can change the direction of your stem cells.  They can re-program your stem cells into fat cells instead of becoming bone and cartilage.  Now researchers think flame retardants could be contributing to worldwide osteoporosis.   

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Written by AI

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