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Heavy Metals and Cognitive Decline I.V. Ozone Therapies

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 21, 2021 9:58:48 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

With age often comes cognitive decline, of which memory loss is a symptom. Cognitive decline can result from stress, hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and even exposure to environmental toxicants. Heavy metal toxicants, specifically mercury, can cause cognitive decline at any age.

Lead is in our food system, medicines, dishware, lipstick, construction materials and other cosmetics. 

We test all new patients for heavy metals in the blood and upon request we offer a provocative urine challenge to see what your total body burden is since in utero. Heavy metals affect the immune system, the hormonal system and lastly the neurological system. 

If you don't know your heavy metal levels - you need to test. Dr. Guggenheim is board certified in environmental medicine and has practiced environmental medicine for 20 years. 


I.V. Ozone Chelation is an approved method to remove heavy metals. We are Ozone Chelation experts. 

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People are often unknowingly exposed to mercury, as it is present in our daily lives in the elemental, organic, and inorganic forms. For example, elemental mercury is found in products such as thermometers, certain dental fillings, etc. Organic mercury exists as methylmercury, in dietary fish and poultry, and ethyl mercury, in vaccines and some antiseptics. Methylmercury is the most harmful for humans and can accumulate in the brain and kidney. Finally, inorganic mercury is found in some cosmetic products.

I am treating 3 women right now for severely elevated mercury in blood and tissue storage. Mercury is the most potent neurotoxin  on the planet. 

Prenatal exposure to any of these forms of mercury can be harmful not only for the mother but also the child, as this heavy metal can cross the placental barrier and cause neurological alterations. High amounts of exposure in adults can harm cells in parts of the brain like the visual cortex and cerebellum. Patients with Alzheimer’s also show higher levels of brain mercury and blood mercury, and experience symptoms that can be caused by mercury exposure. Therefore, mercury can be a contributing factor to memory loss.

We can use oral chelation protocols for children. 

Seafood consumption, although correlated with high levels of mercury in the brain, can also provide essential nutrients that shield against cognitive decline, such as fatty acids. Adults should eat fish for these benefits but avoid those known to be high in mercury.

The article examines a case study of a female patient who was regularly eating fish and experiencing fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms. To lower to blood mercury levels, she was advised to stop eating all fish and start a chelation/detoxification plan. This approach was successful and improved her memory and fatigue. Removing mercury from the body can help patients with memory and other symptoms of cognitive decline.


Marchese, M. (Oct 2020). Mercury- Neurotoxicity and Memory. Townsend Letter, (447). 78-80.

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