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Ozone Therapies for Lyme and Co-Infections

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Everyone wants Ozone therapy especially for the treatment of LYME, co-infections, herpes, hepatitis, HPV and other chronic infections.  

Ticks have been referred to as "nature's dirty needle".  

Lyme-infected ticks transmit Lyme and a host of co-infections that keep patients chronically ill long after initial treatments.  Drugs used for Lyme are not as effective for co-infections.  

We have successfully treated Lyme and co-infections with I.V. Ozone therapies and German biologics. We can prescribe all medicines and our chronic Lymers take LDN low dose naltrexone. Most see a difference between the 6th and 7th session. It can take up to 12 sessions once a week. We are RGCC certified so we can offer SOT testing and treatment. 

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The Lone Star tick once based in the Southeast is expanding north into The Great Lakes region and New England.  One bite from this tick creates an immune response that makes it's victims allergic to red meat.  It is usually permanent and patients can have severe reactions from hives to anaphylactic shock after eating beef, pork or venison necessitating them to carry an epi-pen at all times. Researchers believe this antibody immune response is to the tick's saliva.  

Our immune system is wired to recognize and fight any exposure to a carbohydrate called alpha-galactose. Alpha-galactose is present in The Lone Star tick and The Castor Bean tick in Europe.  

"Tick-bite victims who have B-negative blood type are at highest risk for developing a red meat allergy."

The Lone Star tick carries and transmits the The Heartland Virus.  Confirmed Heartland virus cases are from Missouri, Tennessee and Oklahoma with patients presenting with fever, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain, nausea and very low white blood cell and platelet counts.   Heartland is a virus so antibiotics do not work.  

Babesiosis is like malaria and some who get infected feel fine like one of my patients.  He had an acute episode and then was able to function for several years before I diagnosed his condition.  Unfortunately, babesiosis is a prevalant contaminant in the our blood supply because blood donors are not screened. 

We test and treat Lyme and co-infections.  Ozone Therapy is a safe and effective treatment for Lyme and co-infections.  

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No matter what your pathogen is named, we are the first and only I.V. ozone therapy clinic in Rockland County.  I.V. Ozone is safe and effective at eliminating viruses, bacterium and fungal infections.  If you've tried everything else it's time to try Ozone.  Call to Get Started Today!

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Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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