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Is Inflammation Turning On Unwanted Genes? - I.V. Ozone, The Box, Chelation

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Genetic expression is driven by inflammation. 

Once turned on, these genes then promote inflammatory response.  The majority of genes associated with hypertension, heart attack, heart failure and coronary heart disease are expressed through inflammation, oxidative stress and immune vascular disfunction.  

In addition to being aware of genetics, finding the root cause of the problem can allow for other routes of therapy, avoidance of risk factors and possible development of other diseases. It is common that a patient may develop type 2 diabetes due to underlying insulin resistance that anti hypertensives do not address. When a patient is diagnosed with hypertension, history-taking should cover risks, signs, and symptoms for all identifiable causes. Cardiovascular risk factors also must be assessed in depth. Factors such as sleep apnea, obesity, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and systemic inflammation should all be considered.

NSAIDS, a "harmless" pain reliever is also known to increase oxidative stress by inducing ROSs in cardiac and cardiovascular related cells. This is a possible explanation for the increased risk of heart attack and stroke associated with NSAID used. (Crinnion & Pizzorno, 2019) 

Known as "toxins of choice" , alcohol and tobacco are both known to cause oxidative damage.   Alcohol consumption has been shown to facilitate ROS production, release cytokines, reduce antioxidants and promote an in vivo oxidative microenvironment. Inhalation induces decreased concentrations of circulating antioxidants, increased oxidation of GSH and increased DNA damage. 

We are your environmental detox experts! If you think exposure to environmental toxins is causing your health issues , stop suffering, come see Dr. G at Second Nature Care where you can be tested in CT for heavy metal and nonmetal toxins that could be making you sick or infertile.

We offer proven treatments for environmental detoxification.  I.V. ozone, clinical nutrition for detoxification, oral and I.V. chelation, RX homeopathic remedies for detoxification.  Call us to schedule your environmental detoxification consult.  We also offer The Environmental Detox Box if distance is getting in the way of you coming in for a treatment!

I.V. Ozone therapy is a safe effective treatment and can be used with additional specialized injectable medicines for your case. Ozone chelation is fantastic for addressing elevated lead that causes cardiovascular disease.

We all need good cardiac support!

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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