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Keeping Up with the Times - What's in Season?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 9, 2022 11:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Organic Foods

Creating the best conditions in your body. 

The first step is to try to eat organic. Organic foods contain far less harmful pesticides and herbicides. Compared to crops that have been chemically fertilized, organic crops have higher levels of vitamins an minerals. 

Since the introduction of GMO in our food in the 90's food allergies, autism, digestive issues and reproductive disorders have skyrocketed and animal testing of GMO yields organ failure, infertility, accelerated aging etc.

On top of eating organically, when you choose foods that are in season you are getting fresher more nutritious foods and foods that have not traveled too far. 

If you're in NY this summer check out a local farmers market for some fresh basil, delicious green beans, peaches, strawberries and more. 

Eating organic is becoming more important everyday. The chemicals in our foods are literally killing us. Changing to a gluten free, non-GMO lifestyle could change your life. They are destroying the gut. 

Glyphosates prevents animals and humans from detoxifying numerous chemicals in our food and the environment.  

We are your DETOX EXPERTS.  Schedule your detox re-boot today. Naturopathic Medicine gives you Good Gut health.

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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