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Killing Cancer Cells - Ozone Therapies & IV Nutrients

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 26, 2022 12:00:00 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Vitamin C

Take action against cancer.

Cancer is becoming more prevalent and treatment resistant. Pesticide use, synthetic and toxic materials, untreated viral and bacterial infections are becoming prominent factors in the growing number of cases.  

There are I.V. nutrients that can be utilized during cancer treatment. High-dose intravenous Vitamin C is a common therapy in integrative oncology.  HDIVC has potent anti-inflammatory effects.  Cancer is aggravated by inflammation which can fuel abnormal cell division.   HDIVC can lower blood inflammation marker c-reactive protein by approximately 75%.  It is an extremely safe intervention.

If you are looking to strengthen your fight against cancer  we offer vitamin C in a variety of our I.V. therapies and also on its own. Check out our "Cancer I.V."

We now combine I.V. Ozone and high dose Vitamin C treatments for patients with cancer.

Cancer IV: Recent studies at the NIH (National Institute of Health), conducted by Harvard Medical School researcher, Mark Levin, M.D. have demonstrated the anti-tumor effect of high dosage IV Vitamin C.  This same effect does not occur with oral vitamin C.  This therapy was originally developed by Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling, expanded upon by Dr’s. Klenner and Cathcart and, more recently, Hugh Rirodan, M.D. Intravenous, high-dosage Vitamin C also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation for those receiving conventional medical therapies. This formula can be done in low, medium and high doses. Patients must do certain labs before they are cleared for high dose Vitamin C. We have several adjunctive natural plant chemotherapies that can be added to your formula. Visit these links for more information on Vitamin C for Cancer treatment.

You can also find vitamin C in our other formulations such as in our Heavy Metal Detox, Intelligent Immune IV, Let's Liver Detox and Arthritis/Pain/Inflammation I.V's. 

Vitamin C needs to be replenished daily as it is water soluble.  It comes in liquid, capsule and I.V. forms.  We offer Vitamin C drips. Step One - get your Vitamin C level tested. Call us to schedule your consultation today. We recommend that patients take Vitamin C daily and find a comfortable daily dose somewhere between 500mg up to 3000 mg for some. The dose depends on an individual's constitution, their medical condition and bowel tolerance. Foods high in vitamin C are raw peppers, fresh oranges, orange juice, black currents, citrus fruits and parsley. High vitamin C rich foods are not enough to provide therapeutic clinical changes so we need to take Vitamin C supplements and I.V. Vitamin C drips. 

While chemo and radiation might be effective in individual cases it is not necessarily safe long-term or affordable. Two of our every 5 patients who follow standard of care for cancer get diagnosed with a secondary cancer. Ozone therapy has been found to synergize with chemo and radiation making it more effective and reducing negative side effects.

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Ozone therapy is safe, effective and affordable. Ozone does not cause cancer. All treatments are MD/FNP ordered and administered in NYS.
We construct an individualized treatment protocol that addresses diet, exercise, homeopathic remedies, stress reduction and I.V. Therapies that are compatible with standard treatment or stand alone in your fight against cancer. We look for the root cause of your disease. Every breast cancer case is different and requires different strategies to correct the underlying imbalances. Labs are covered by insurance.

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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