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Ozone Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 13, 2016 4:27:52 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

Ozone Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

Doctor Guggenheim was recently interviewed about the benefits of Ozone therapy for breast cancer patients.

Dr. G answers questions concerning chemo and ozone, supplement recommendations and about the treatments themselves.

Here was one of the questions asked during the interview.

"Dr. Guggenheim, if a person does decide to do chemo and/or radiation, do you do ozone therapy at the same time as the breast cancer patient is undergoing treatment? 
          "Those patients who choose a hybrid model do weekly or biweekly ozone treatments as ozone is not contraindicated during chemo and radiation. Our treatment protects them from severe side effects down to a cellular level. Chemo and radiation cause DNA damage which we protect with specific homeopathic formulas.""

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 Ozone therapies can be valuable adjunctive cancer care.  Ozone therapy increases oxygen utilization allowing oxygen into every cell.  Cancer hates oxygen and ozone kills cancer cells. Ozone has been proven to reduce ROS or reactive oxygen species which cause the formation of free radicals.

Chemotherapy and radiation cause oxidative stress and a host of side effects. Several cases published in the German literature show that ozone therapy combined with standard oncology produced positive effects, decreased side effects and created less resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs. 

Ozone therapies can be a successful part of Naturopathic Cancer Care. If you have a diagnosis of cancer let's talk. We specialize in "chemo clean-up". Most providers be it modern western or ND's will say that chemo runs its course and leaves the body in less than 2 weeks time. I find that statement flawed because like everything else the chemo is put into the bloodstream, goes everywhere the blood flows and embeds in soft tissue throughout the body. The intention is for it to be effective in fighting the cancer short-term, but there is toxic metabolic residue left behind in the tissue. When I begin cellular detoxification or chemo clean-up the patient experiences a purging of the chemotherapy from tissue storage. Recently, one patient confided in me and said, "this is really weird, but after our last I.V. therapy session I had diarrhea, nausea and vomiting just like I experienced with the chemo and the funny part was that what came out smelled exactly like the chemo treatments. The patient experienced these symptoms in a milder form for about 2 weeks as her body was strong enough to purge the metabolic residue. She was not scared or annoyed because the detoxification made sense. After the process subsided she said that she felt fantastic like she did before the cancer diagnosis. This patient was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and originally received 7 rounds of aggressive chemo before ending that treatment because she could not tolerate the side effects. She described that one treatment sent her to the bathroom for 9 days.

While chemo and radiation might be effective in individual cases it is not necessarily safe or affordable. Two of our every 5 patients who follow standard of care for cancer get diagnosed with a secondary cancer.

Ozone therapy is safe, effective and affordable. Ozone does not cause cancer.

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