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Silver Fillings and Other Sources of Mercury - Heavy Metal Detox and Ozone Chelation & Empire City Labs

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Amalgam or Silver fillings have been used by dentists for many years.

People are often unknowingly exposed to mercury, as it is present in our daily lives in the elemental, organic, and inorganic forms. For example, elemental mercury is found in products such as thermometers, amalgam dental fillings, etc. Organic mercury exists as methylmercury, in dietary fish and poultry, and ethyl mercury, in vaccines and some antiseptics. Methylmercury is the most harmful for humans and can accumulate in the brain and kidney. Finally, inorganic mercury is found in some cosmetic products.

Amalgams consist of approximately 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin, however the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers these fillings to be safe for adults and children older than 6. Previous research has found that exposure to magnetic fields of MRI could cause the mercury to leak from amalgam fillings and this concern has been heightened by the recent arrival of ultra-high-strength 7-T scanners in the clinic. The stronger magnetic field of the 7-T MRI yields higher anatomical detail but its effects of amalgam dental fillings have not been studied. Heavy metal toxicants, specifically mercury, can cause cognitive decline at any age.

Seafood consumption, although correlated with high levels of mercury in the brain, can also provide essential nutrients that shield against cognitive decline, such as fatty acids. Adults should eat fish for these benefits but avoid those known to be high in mercury.

We test all new patients for heavy metals in the blood and upon request we offer a provocative urine challenge to see what your total body burden is since in utero. Heavy metals affect the immune system, the hormonal system and lastly the neurological system. 

If you don't know your heavy metal levels - you need to test. Dr. Guggenheim is board certified in environmental medicine and has practiced environmental medicine for 20 years. 

I.V. Ozone Chelation is an approved method to remove heavy metals. We are Ozone Chelation experts

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We are your Detox experts.  We test and treat elevated heavy metals.  


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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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