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Summer Symptoms - Ozone Therapy for Herpes

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 30, 2022 11:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Herpes Summer

Summer time Herpes outbreaks can hit hard. Hit Back Harder!

You might get cold sore outbreaks more in the summer because you are in the sun, eating more citrus fruits or just tired from working hard and playing harder.  This is the case for Herpes 1 & 2. 

You get a low grade fever, feel more irritable, have intense PMS symptoms and get two surprises.  Your period and a herpes outbreak. 

What can you do? 

Ozone is one modality that works for chronic infections and is very effective for reducing and eliminating high viral loads.

Patients bring their documentation of their viral loads and after 3 10 pass MAH treatments, they retest and we see the numbers change. We have seen acute infections or IgM antibodies completely disappear, IgG antibodies from previous infections reduce and if someone is really lucky - they seroconvert; meaning the virus does not show up in their blood labs.

We have specialized medicines specific for herpes from Germany that are put into your MAH treatment to lure the virus out of tissue storage so that high dose ozone can bomb it in the bloodsteam. Herpes does cross blood-brain barrier and is linked to dementia and Alzheimer's in later life. We can review your diet and lifestyle habits and make strategic changes so you are not a good environment for viruses to thrive in. We also identify your "dirty genes", clean up your diet and lifestyle habits to help prevent recurrence. While there are no 100% guarantees of a cure - I.V. Ozone is one of your best treatment options for better health.

Take the time now to focus on your healing. We are here and ozone therapies are on your side.

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