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The Ozone Study You NEED to See!

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 17, 2022 11:45:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Ozone Therapy and World Health

Chronic disease is taking a toll worldwide.

We are seeing the emergence of viruses and diseases including the COVID-19 pandemic, Monkey Pox and a new resurgence of Polio. It is becoming more important than ever not only protect yourself from these viruses but, to take therapeutic measures if and when you contract them.

There has been a shift from acute illnesses to chronic degenerative diseases worldwide.  This change calls for a shift in treatment. Because there are no "cures" for these advanced chronic diseases, one must seek out therapeutic options that are safe, preventative and/or as an adjunct to standard therapy. (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022) 

The use of ozone therapy has been increasing worldwide since Covid and has shown substantial benefits. These benefits cover a variety of acute and chronic ailments including: herniated discs, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and pain management. 

The most common mode of administration is Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH). "MAH was first described in 1954 by Wehrli and Steinbart."(LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022) Since it's first use, Ozone therapy has been administered world wide millions of times delivering therapeutic results without negative side-effects. (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022)  When utilizing MAH for the mode of administration, around 200ml+ of blood are mixed with ozone before being reinfused into the patient and there is a higher dose known as the "10 pass" which is equivalent to ozonating 2000 -2500 ml of blood or half of your blood supply. 

A beneficial role of ozone therapy on mitochondrial function could explain the reported positive therapeutic results in various chronic conditions. (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022)   Mitochondria, "the powerhouse of the cell" , have a much larger job than solely acting as a power generator.  Aside from this duty, studies have shown that the mitochondria are involved with other essential processes in cells such "as redox, calcium homeostasis, apoptosis and intracellular cell signaling. " (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022) Mitochondrial dysregulation or defects are considered to play a key role in the aging process and multiple common disease stages. 

Utilizing the Bioenergetic Health Index (BHI), Dr. Lahodny conducted the first study analyzing mitochondrial function during ozone treatments.  "The Bioenergetic Health Index is a sensitive measure of oxidative stress in human monocytes" (Chacko et. al. , 2016) Dr. Lahodny has been using ozone therapy for therapeutic and preventative purposes since 2015. (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022)  The study examined six consecutive patients who were treated by Dr. Lahodny for preventive ozone therapies, taking blood before treatment, immediately after the first treatment and after their second treatment one week later. The BHI from these 6 patients was determined at each time point. They found that after 2 sessions of the 10 pass treatment BHI was significantly increased. 

This study shows for the first time that ozone therapy improves mitochondrial health.  Mitochondrial dysfunctions are involved in nearly all chronic diseases, therefore ozone is a useful treatment option for chronic diseases. The study also shows that ozone may even support mitochondrial health and increase bioenergetic health in human immune cells. (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022) 

Ozone therapy is based on the regenerative capacity of O3 for the treatment of "pathological processes cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, neurological, degenerative, orthopedic, gastrointestinal and genitourinary pathologies; as well as multiple sclerosis; fibromyalgia; skin diseases/wound healing; diabetes/ulcers; infectious diseases, lung diseases and osteomyelitis."  (LÖnig & Lahodny, 2022) 

Recently, other clinical trials conducted found a positive effect of ozone therapy in the outcome of severe COVID-19 cases. An optimized immune system is better able to kill viruses, bacterium, fungus and cancer cells. An article published in the National Library of Medicine discusses the effects of ozone therapy on the treatment of COVID19 noting several positive effects, such as control of inflammation, stimulation of immunity, low antiviral activity and protection from acute coronary syndromes and ischemia reperfusion damage.  (Cattel et. al. 2021)

In addition to the ability to have a positive effect on COVID-19, ozone is a great way to detox the cells after receiving vaccinations.  Post vaccine clean up can make you feel more confident about your choice to be vaccinated against the virus.  Because ozone therapy is safe and effective it is a perfect option to utilize in conjunction with other vaccinations as well (i.e. the Monkey Pox vaccine).  We have successfully used I.V. Ozone to address chronic viral infections, long hauler syndrome/post viral syndrome and negative responses to vaccines. We offer advanced comprehensive testing to see if you have abnormal immune responses or elevated inflammatory markers before choosing your vaccine. We can check your antibody titers post vaccines. 

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