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The Reality of "Vaping" - Natural Smoking Cessation, Detox, I.V. Ozone

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 28, 2018 10:45:43 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi


The truth about vaping. 


By now, you've probably seen someone "vaping', or using an electronic cigarette. Vaping is rising in popularity as we see vape shops opening left and right and it's no longer just a tool to quit smoking with some sources even claiming it is safer than actual cigarette smoke. They emit large clouds of vapor that does not produce the harsh smell cigarettes do and often times even smell nice, as they come in flavors like strawberry or vanilla. The wire in E-cigs which vaporizes the liquid gets overheated and releases toxic substances.  These toxins cause cancers, heart disease and strokes.  E-cigs are a serious health threat to unborn babies and young people.  

Vaping is even being marketed as "cool" to young people, sound familiar? 

While the vapes are rising in popularity, it does not make them healthy and researchers are hard at work trying to quickly understand the affects of vaping on human health before it goes too far. A team at the University of Birmingham has found that e-cigarette vapor can damage key immune cells in the lung, suggesting it might be more harmful than suspected. 

Young people are lighting up with formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.  These are found in building materials and embalming fluids.  

Over a quarter million of young people who never smoked tried E-cigs in 2013 and the number is increasing! 

Big tobacco supports E-cigs as the global market is worth about 3 billion.  Make no mistake,

E-cigs are not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.  

E-cigs have changed the lexicon as vape was recently added to Oxford Dictionaries. Vape is the new word on the street and it may well be the new health threat of the decade. 

Lung tissue samples were studied in the laboratory with the experiments revealing when exposed to artificially vaped e-cig condensate, alveolar macrophages, a type of immune cell that importantly help keep our respiratory tract clear of harmful particles, displayed impaired activity. The vaped condensate also boosted production of free radicals and increased cell death. These effects were noted to be even more heightened when the condensate contained nicotine.

Ultimately, the big question hovering over much of this new e-cigarette research is what the long-term effects of vaping actually are on human beings

Smoking alters dozens of genes important in your immune defenses in the epithelial cells lining the respiratory tract. These changes are likely to increase the risk of bacterial infections, viruses and inflammation. And cancer.

Vaping has been found to alter the same exact genes plus hundreds more that are important in immune defense. Inhaling the flavored vapor in the e-cigs seriously effects epithelial cell gene expression. This is a critical process where genes give rise to important proteins in the body.

The Vape market is swaying young people with a false sense of being a safe alternative to smoking and using flavors to make them even more appealing to a younger crowd.

Using the vape pens are also not a healthy way to quit smoking. Often times the person will end up smoking the vape pen where cigarettes are prohibited, continuing to smoke when and where they normally would. Becoming dependent on the vape pen is NOT a safe way of quitting.

We offer smoking cessation programs and environmental detoxification.  We are your DETOX EXPERTS.  If and when you decide you are ready to quit don't use vape pens to do it, we can help you do it safely. We have medicine to start your smoking cessation even when you are not quite ready to quit. Safe, effective and cost-effective. 

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