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Second Nature is committed to providing excellent healthcare to families and individuals of all ages. We specialize in identifying the root cause of disease. We pursue alternative treatments to restore health. Naturopathic medicine prevents disease through clinical nutrition, lifestyle changes and natural medicines. 

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Plastic Phthalates and Boys - Genital Changes - Environmental Medicine - Environmental Detoxification

If you are pregnant you need to read this.  Exposure to phthalates during pregnancy can alter your male baby's genitals.   I have lectured about this subject before, but a new Swedish study...Read more

Environmental Working Group - Naturopathic Medicine - Food as Medicine

I wanted to give my favorite consumer group the attention and support that they deserve.  I have enclosed their email to me onto you.  EWG is one of the best consumer advocacy groups on the...Read more

Herpes and Alzheimer's - Ozone Therapy - Naturopathic Medicine

Do you have chronic herpes infections?  A recent Swedish study showed that Herpes simplex virus doubled the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.   This recent study was just published...Read more