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America is Gaining Weight - HCG Diet

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 6, 2018 5:00:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

The United States is Gaining Weight.

Since 1976 the population is doing exactly that, gaining weigh, but why? Are we eating more or exercising less?

But the answer to those questions is no, in fact in 1976 Americans actually ate more! A long term study conducted at Plymouth University also disproved the idea that Americans may have exercised more, finding that is about exactly the same. While antibiotic overuse and endocrine-disrupting chemicals play a role in weight gain there is still little evidence to support the general trend. 

So what could it be? Although we ate as much then, we eat differently today.  Today, we buy half as much milk per person, but five times as much yogurt, three times as much ice cream and 39 times as much dairy deserts, yes, you read that right, 39 times more! 

Americans buy half as many eggs, but a third more breakfast cereals and twice the cereal snacks, half the potatoes but three times the potato chips. And, while purchases of sugar directly have declined the sugar consumed in drinks and sweets has sky rocketed.  This is not by mistake this is all by design and created by the food companies by designing products that use sugar to bypass our natural appetite control mechanisms and in packaging and promoting these products to break down what remains of our defenses. An army of food scientists and psychologists are employed to trick us into eating more than we need and their advertisers use new findings in neuroscience to overcome our resistance.   

It's time to fight the statistics and tricks and let us help you. Detox from what the big food companies are trying to sell you and find a healthier you! Our HCG diet is completely natural and it works! By using our HCG and following a controlled diet of REAL food, you will see the results you've been dreaming of. 

We take the guesswork out of everything for you. When you sign up for the advanced program, we will have everything in place so you can move through it smoothly.Don't put off your permanent weight loss. Obesity is the mother of all diseases. It is the number one risk factor for diabetes, cancers of all kinds and cardiovascular events. Another food binge is not worth it. It's time to change. Now. 

You get a customized diet plan, detox box, injectables and expert guidance weekly. Our doctors work closely with you to ensure you are hitting your goals and staying on track.  What are you waiting for? Another holiday, family event, feel like you need help - then you need to call us and schedule your individualized weight loss program.

Start HCG Today!

Happy Weight Loss

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