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Environmental Toxins Affect Your Child's I.Q.

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 5, 2019 12:48:00 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim

Exposure to neurotoxins that affect the brain are part of the autism spectrum disorder puzzle. Chemicals in our everyday lives create toxic effects that damage the brain especially in children. It is estimated that Americans have lost over 41 million I.Q. points because of chemical exposures in our environment. Furniture, clothing, cleaning products, home goods and food introduce neurotoxins into our bodies. These chemicals not only lower I.Q's; they are linked to ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, endocrine disorders and mood disorders.  

Our own Earth. Symbol of environmental protection

A baby's brain begins at conception and is built during pregnancy. It is susceptible to environmental exposures which can cause permanent brain injury at low levels that might have little or no effect in an adult. 86 billion neurons get created in a few months and form six layers of cortex. Specific areas in the cortex are in charge of sensation, movement and thought. These neurons must be in the right place at the right time in a precise sequence. Neurons are directed by other hormones and chemical neurotransmitters. Each nerve cell is only one hundredth of a millimeter wide and it has to travel its own width 25,000 times to arrive at the correct destination. Neurotoxic chemicals can knock that nerve cell off course at any time.  

The brain does not grow new brains cells during your life so once they are gone they are gone. The brain is most vulnerable in the initial months of formation and environmental toxins can cause permanent brain injury at low doses.  

Pregnant moms have to avoid known environmental toxins like fluoride, bee sprays, pesticides in foods, flame-retardants, lead paint, mercury in contaminated fish and manganese in tin cans. 

Concerned? Would you like to talk with me about your exposures? At Second Nature Care, we teach, test and reverse environmental toxicity.

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