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DRY EYE More Susceptible to Covid

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 9, 2021 8:12:04 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim


“An ozone-based ophthalmic gel could act as a barrier against the entry of the SARS CoV-2 virus, thus acting as a sort of mask for the eyes, to be used together with the mask that covers the nose and mouth”.

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This is the idea proposed in a study entitled “COVID-19 Ocular Prophylaxis: The Potential Role of Ozonated-Oils in Liposome Eyedrop Gel”, published in the August issue of Translational Vision Science & Technology:

 The study was directed by Dr. Stanislao Rizzo, Full Professor of Ophthalmology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome campus, and Director of Ophthalmology of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation.

 “The ozone-based ophthalmic gels – said prof. Rizzo – are already used to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory eye diseases, including those of infectious origin. Our study suggests that they may also have a barrier effect against viruses that enter the eye or nasolacrimal system”.

“This is an in vitro study and the results will have to be confirmed by studies on animal models and humans,” said Rizzo.

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In a note, the IRCCS of the Gemelli Polyclinic explained that the SARS CoV-2 virus can also enter the body through the eyes.

In this regard, the study related what happened to a member of the US National Expert Panel on pneumonia, sent to Wuhan for inspection.

The man, who wore no eye protection, first developed conjunctivitis and then the classic Covid-19 pneumonia.

Other studies have shown that the virus can remain in the eye for several weeks after the acute phase of the disease.

 It was therefore discovered that the eyes are a target organ of SARS CoV-2, and that especially those suffering from dry eye syndrome are much more likely to be infected. Yes which human tissue requires the most oxygen? 

Answer: The Retina 

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It was thus thought to enhance the barrier effect of tears against SARS CoV-2 by using a special ozone-based gel.

 In the note from the IRCCS of Gemelli it is specified that “ozone has long been used in medicine to disinfect and treat infectious diseases, given its ability to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and even protozoa. The antiviral activity of ozone occurs by damaging the viral capsid and altering replication through peroxidation”.

When asked how to spread ozone on the surface of the eye, prof. Rizzo replied that “ozone is very unstable, but to make it suitable for topical use, it can be stabilized by making it react with a monounsaturated fatty acid such as oleic acid to create the so-called ozonated oils, which retain the same properties gaseous ozone and are well tolerated by the tissues.”

“Ozonated oils – he added – are already used in the form of eye drops or ophthalmic gels to relieve the symptoms of inflammatory ocular diseases, including those of infectious origin; ozone also facilitates the healing of corneal damage by minimizing the risk of scarring and opacification of the cornea.”

“The objective of the study – explains prof. Rizzo – is to evaluate whether this eye gel can prevent SARS CoV-2 infection in the tissues of the eye, and also to evaluate whether, in patients with dry eye syndrome, ozone can help restore the integrity of the ocular surface, repairing and regenerating the conjunctival microvilli.”

The in vitro study provided positive results, demonstrating that the ozone-based ophthalmic gel inhibited viral replication and the entry of the virus into the cells on the surface of the eye (corneal and conjunctival).

 It has also been shown that ozone eye gel restores cell regeneration and controls inflammation in dry eye syndrome.

In conclusion, considering that the ocular surface is a potential route of entry for the virus, if the results of this research were to be confirmed by studies on animal models and on humans, it would be conceivable to propose the topical administration of ozone-based ophthalmic gels to prevent the entry of SARS CoV-2 through the ocular surface.

The Director of the Gemelli Ophthalmology Unit believes that the ozone gel is “a protective measure to be recommended first of all to health professionals, and then to be extended to the entire population.”

Keep your eyes out for more on this topic. Medical ozone in several applications works. 

The scientific work was carried out by the researchers: Stanislao Rizzo, Maria Cristina Savastano, Alfonso Savastano, Gloria Gambini (Ophthalmology Unit, A. Gemelli IRCCS Polyclinic Foundation, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart); Daria Bortolotti, Valentina Gentili, Roberta Rizzo (University of Ferrara, Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences); Francesca Caccuri (Department of Microbiology and Virology, Spedali Civili, Brescia).


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