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[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 18, 2015 10:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Fluoride is linked to hypothyroidism.  Second Nature Care.

Fluoride has been in question for years about whether it is safe for the public. It was promoted as preventing tooth decay and now it is in question again for something more serious.

Your Thyroid and Fluoride 

A study in England revealed that higher levels of fluoride in the drinking water increases your risk for hypothyroidism.  Comparing two areas, one fluoridated and the other not, the fluoridated area had twice the risk for hypothyroidism. Fluoride in the water in England is comparable to levels in the United States. 

18 European countries have banned fluoride in their water systems. Fluoride is a public health issue.

Excessive fluoride is linked to bone and muscle cancers. Fluoride in pregnancy can cause hypothyroidism that causes permanent developmental brain damage to the baby. 

Hypothyroidism is epidemic in women over 40, but I am seeing many women in their twenties and teens who I diagnose with hypothyroidism. 

Second Nature Care Environmental Detox

We prescribe top of the line WP-Thyroid for hypothyroidism.  Unlike Armour and Synthroid, WP-Thyroid is corn and gluten-free, has no artificial colors, no FDA recalls and is a natural T3 and T4 hormone replacement with only two inactive ingredients. One inactive ingredient is a prebiotic derived from coconuts. I only prescribe WP Thyroid and Nature-Throid.

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I can order your labs, prescribe your medicine and individualize your treatment protocol.  We address diet, stressors, viral loads that attack your thyroid and address heavy metals that inhibit thyroid production. 

Taking Synthroid is like jumping off of a cliff without a parachute. 

Your Brain and Fluoride 

There is a strong correlation between fluoridated water and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the US. Delaware and Iowa, both who heavily fluoridate their water, have high levels of ADHD which translates to more than one in eight kids or 14%.

The percentage of the U.S. population that drinks fluoridated water has increased from 56 percent to 67 percent at the same time that ADHD diagnoses increased. 

A top Mt. Sinai researcher, Dr. Caroline Martinez, found that fluoride interfered with brain development in children. Another researcher, Phyllis Mullenix, from Havard proved that rats exposed to fluoride in the womb became hyperactive.  She was fired after her paper was accepted for publication. Her advisor told her that she could not go against the party line of fluoride being safe and effective. 

High levels of fluoride affect cognition and I.Q. levels. Children born in areas of heavy fluoridation have lower than normal I.Q's.

What is added to your water is called fluorosilicic acid which is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. Fluoride increases the absorption of lead into your body. It's another co-factor to worry about when you chelate. 

Fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin. 

Let's discuss your water system and take the fluoride out.  We can detox you from fluoride exposures. 

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