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Is the Night Shift Causing a Shift in your Sexual Health?

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Men's sexual and urological health may be significantly impacted by shift work and sleep disorders.


According to a recent study, non-standard shift workers with sleep disorders were  more likely to have urinary tract symptoms. Patients at risk for circadian rhythm disorder are at higher risk for lower urinary tract disorders.

They have also been show to be associated with increased risk of hypo gonadal symptoms and sexual dysfunction. These workers are also at greater risk of developing the sleep disorder that is entirely unique to shift workers. The findings in the study suggest that these specific sleep symptoms may contribute to the more severe hypo gonadal symptoms seen in non-standard shift workers.

The researchers also examined the impact of non-standard shift work on semen parameters and reproductive hormones in infertile men and reproductive hormones in infertile men. Non-standard shift workers had lower levels of sperm density, total motile count and testosterone. Infertile shift workers had worse semen parameters than non-shift workers. Identifying sleep disorders early is an important step in taking measures to maintain healthy sexual and urological function.

It doesn't take much to sabotage your hormones. Low levels were disruptive and for the first time a study showed the "cocktail effect" of several chemicals working together with amplified effects. Chemical studies are important to show the mechanism of action and effect, the low dose effect and the synergistic effect with other chemicals.  Protective government policies will take to long to enact. Second Nature patients read labels, use the database of Environmental Working Group and take Xymogen's TestiPlex, CarniteX, NAC, XenoProtX and Mitochondrial Renewal packets daily along with DFH's Detoxification Support packets. It's a wild world out there and the only one looking out for you is you.  My advice is to live simple.  Don't buy products with ingredients that you do not recognize or understand.  There are great companies who make toxic-free products. Xymogen carries a whole line of non-toxic skin products. 

We offer comprehensive neuroendocrine tests in CT. that pinpoint amino acid levels, oxidative stress and stress hormones so that we can implement strategic treatment protocols for your sleep issues. 
Sleep is incredibly important and excessive loss can lead to things like brain atrophy. If you are suffering from insomnia we can discuss the best way for you to tackle it and finally get the good night's sleep you deserve. All therapies in NYS are MD ordered.

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