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LYME FREE - I.V. Ozone Therapy

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 14, 2016 5:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

LYME FREE with I.V. Ozone Therapy

I.V. Ozone continues to work and impress me. I recently had an older patient (in his mid-seventies) who was severely fatigued. Results came back positive for Lyme. At first his doctors had diagnosed him with dementia instead of Lyme. I advocated to run more specific and sensitive tests for Lyme to confirm the diagnosis.

It was recommended by his primary care doc to have a cerebral spinal tap done to check for infiltration of Lyme. The procedure was un-complicated, but after it he had terrible side effects including "the worse headache of my life." Everything felt off.

Within 15 minutes of ozone inhalation and I.V. ozone saline his headache subsided and it was like watching someone return from the dead. We continued with high dose ozone treatments each week for 5 weeks plus I integrated specific RX homeopathic Lyme remedies into the protocol. 

Five weeks later, the office staff doesn't recognize this patient because he is 97% back to his normal self. He will leaving the area for a few months and he's already scheduled his daily tennis games.

I've never seen anything work so fast like I.V. ozone treatments. It is a testament that it works in the older population.

I.V. Ozone Therapy LYME FREE

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This patient's brain fog is gone, his appetite is back, his irritable moods are resolved and systemic body pain is eliminated.

If you have Lyme it is worthwhile to schedule an I.V. ozone therapy. We offer free inhalation with every I.V. session. Our treatments work quickly and effectively. We use the best equipment to deliver the highest and safest amount of ozone to our patients. Our treatments deliver between 350 ml to 650 ml of ozone.

Lyme continues to be an epidemic disease. If standard of care antibiotics are not working for you, I.V. ozone therapies may be the answer to turn your case around.






*All Ozone treatments are MD ordered and supervised and RN administered

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