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New Approach to Cancer Treatment - I.V Ozone, Good Gut

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 21, 2018 12:36:13 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

New Cancer therapy being developed!

A Penn State research team has found a way to turn some of cancers defense mechanisms against it. Cancer cells defend themselves against the body's immune system, but the team has camouflaged a cancer-killing drug using cells from the tumor itself. This allows the medicine to sneak past the tumors defenses and kill it from inside. 

Cancer puts up "walls" of blood vessels that are hard to get drugs past while simultaneously disguising itself from the immune system using particles called extracellular vesicles. Scientists have been searching and testing various ways to hitchhike white blood cells into tumors before alerting the immune system to attack, but for now, the Penn State scientists have developed metal-organic frameworks which pack an extremely high surface area on the inside, allowing them to carry a high amount of a natural toxin called gelonin. 

Gelonin is a class I ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP) and toxin derived from the seeds of the plant Gelonium multiflorum. Gelonin (rGel) exerts N-glycosidase activity on the 28S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) unit of eukaryotic ribosomes by cleaving out adenine at the 4324 site, which depurinates rRNA, inactivates ribosomes, inhibits protein synthesis, and results in cell death. (National Cancer Institute)

Next, researchers must camouflage.  The researchers harvested extracellular vesicles from the tumor and used them to wrap up their nanoparticles.  This not only hides the nanoparticles from the immune system which could mistake them for dangerous cells and destroy them but alsoguides the particles to where the tumor is hiding and fools the cancer into letting them in. Once inside, the nanoparticles begin to dissolve releasing the gelonin to kill the cell. (Irving, 2018)

"We designed a strategy to take advantage of the extracellular vesicles derived from tumor cells," says Siyang Zheng, senior author of the study. "We remove 99 percent of the contents of these extracellular vesicles and then use the membrane to wrap our metal-organic framework nanoparticles. If we can get our extracellular vesicles from the patient, through biopsy or surgery, then the nanoparticles will seek out the tumor through a process called homotypic targeting."

The researchers have tested the new technique in small animal models and it yielded positive results. 

At Second Nature, we test every patient with a comprehensive microbiome analysis to identify preliminary and on-going disease. We individualize treatments, but everyone takes GOOD GUT Probiotics, Immune, Repair and Detox.  Many have reversed their clinical presentation in a matter of weeks.  Of course, we highly recommend GOOD GUT products to prevent and reverse your chronic disease.

Ozone therapies can be valuable adjunctive cancer care therapy and can be done in conjunction with chemo and radiation. Ozone therapy increases oxygen utilization allowing oxygen into every cell.  Cancer hates oxygen and ozone kills cancer cells. Ozone has been proven to reduce ROS or reactive oxygen species which cause the formation of free radicals. Patients can choose to do a series of I.V. ozonated saline treatments and glutathione on alternate days. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant that kills cancer cells.

We recommend LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone as this medication has shown to prevent and retard cancer cells in recent studies. An anti-opioid - LDN may be a key player in your cancer strategy plan. 

Chemotherapy and radiation cause oxidative stress and a host of side effects. Several cases published in the German literature show that ozone therapy combined with standard oncology produced positive effects, decreased side effects and created less resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs. 

While chemo and radiation might be effective in individual cases it is not necessarily safe or affordable. Two out of every 5 patients who follow standard of care for cancer get diagnosed with a secondary cancer that is more lethal. So you survive the first cancer only to face a more virulent one.

Ozone therapy is safe, effective and affordable. Ozone does not cause cancer.

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