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New Hope For Breast Cancer Prevention

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 8, 2016 12:28:23 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi


A drug used to treat osteoporosis could quickly be the first drug used in breast cancer prevention due to the BRCA1 mutation.

Women who have the BRCA1 mutation have an up to 87% risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Currently the only procedure said to significantly reduce breast cancer risk is prophylactic mastectomy. Previous research has already linked the bone-building protein RANKL with its receptor RANK in the controlling of progestin-driven breast cancer. It was discovered that the main driver of the BRCA1 mutation was in fact RANKL. Researchers found that by inhibiting RANKL/RANK in mice that it significantly delayed onset, reduced incidence and attenuated progression. 

Researchers studied the breast tissue of women who had undergone preventative mastectomy due to BRCA mutation. THey found that RANKL and RANK were highly expressed in the pre-malignant lesions and breast cancer in women carrying the mutation.

This discovery could lead to the prevention of breast cancer in all women. The BRCA1 mutation also shows a high risk of ovarian cancer. Research will continue to discover if blocking RANKL will have preventative effects in ovarian cancer as well.

We offer innovative cancer testing through ONCOblot®. 

The ONCOblot® Test uses techniques known as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and western blot analysis along with an ENOX2 protein-specific antibody for detection. The result of the blood test is presented visually on the ONCOblot®. Each type of ENOX2 has a specific location (molecular weight and isoelectric point) on the blot to demonstrate ENOX2 presence and to identify the tissue of origin.The test can be used to detect cancer early in high risk populations, confirm biopsy results and confirm post-treatment effectiveness. The  ONCOblot®  test is powerful enough to detect even stage 0 cancer.A positive mammogram typically requires an estimated few billion cells comprising the tumor. The ONCOblot® test can detect cancer in the body with a tumor as small as less then 2 million cells (this is a tumor no bigger then a pinhead). The ONCOblot® database contains 25+ cancers, including: Breast, Prostate, Lung, and Pancreatic.After performing the blood test, the results take roughly two weeks to process.  

We also use safe and effective Ozone therapies, cancer prevention and cancer fighting dietary strategies and natural chemotherapeutic formulas that work with the body's defenses to eliminate cancer cells.

While chemo and radiation might be effective in individual cases it is not necessarily safe or affordable. Two of our every 5 patients who follow standard of care for cancer get diagnosed with a secondary cancer.

Ozone therapy is safe, effective and affordable. Ozone does not cause cancer.

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