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Not all Supplements are Made Equal!

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 5, 2017 6:48:17 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Be careful where you buy your supplements!

XYMOGEN just released a statement warning customers that they DO NOT sell their products on Amazon or any other retailing companies.

"XYMOGEN, a leading functional medicine manufacturer, is one of several companies that have purposely sidestepped doing business on the mega-Internet sales site To highlight this turn of events, Birkenstock, the icon of environmental consciousness and centuries of shoe making expertise, recently stated that its products will no longer be sold on"


Our supplements come directly from XYMOGEN, so you can feel safe in knowing that what you buy and receive is really a XYMOGEN product. XYMOGEN does not sell directly to the public, but our patients have full access to XYMOGEN.

ALSO buyer beware of supplements that contain unlawful ingredients, prescription drugs, or don't have stringent quality assurances of GMP manufacturing.

Another recent expose found that big box stores and well-known pharmacy chains were selling fake supplements. Over 50% of what was tested did not match the ingredient label. Consumers were spending big bucks on asparagus filler and wood pulp!

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If you are concerned that you may have purchased a product that is not actually from XYMOGEN:

"Rogue sellers may sometimes purchase products from XYMOGEN and then go on to resell them. This may result in customers receiving products with QR codes scratched off or labels removed. Practitioners or customers who have received products with altered packaging should be aware that they may be in possession of a counterfeit, out-of-date or otherwise compromised formula. To learn more about XYMOGEN, a family-owned, health sciences company, and its community involvement, research, distribution and products, visit, email or call 800-647-6100."

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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