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Ozone A cure for Life - Ozone therapy defeated Covid-19 New Book Release

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 15, 2020 2:50:39 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

The book that tells how ozone defeats covid has been released

When it was discovered that in Italy, Covid was killing people who tested positive in large quantities, the whole country mobilized. 

All the measures of social distancing, strengthening of intensive care units, use of masks, extraordinary mobilization of doctors and health personnel and even the lockdown of all activities were taken. 

In this context, prof. Marianno Franzini togheter with the management team of the Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (SIOOT) has developed a treatment protocol to attack and defeat the coronavirus.

The book “Ozone: a cure for life” (author: Antonio Gaspari) tells the story of how from the treatment protocol we passed to the practice of oxygen ozone in 15 hospitals.

It tells how, in the face of a certain skepticism and prejudice on the part of some, courageous and competent doctors have practiced oxygen ozone therapy to Covid patients, obtaining incredible results.

Oxygen ozone therapy practiced together with traditional treatments has allowed the healing of many Covid patients, in several cases it has saved the lives of people who were about to die.

Thanks to oxygen ozone therapy, healing has become faster and more frequent.

Furthermore, it was concluded that oxygen ozone is the most effective, safe, economical medical practice, which leaves neither waste nor causes secondary effects, to treat and heal Covid patients.

It has been found that ozone, even at low concentrations, is able to deactivate Covid even in crowded environments.

The stories that make up the book are moving, exciting, incredible. Doctors, patients, professors, researchers, relatives of the sick, tell the stories that have seen them as protagonists in the struggle to save the lives of Covid patients and beyond.

The book is the story of a pandemic, told by those who have been victims and heroes.

Unique and original testimonies that will remain as indelible signs in the history of how the coronavirus came to be countered and eradicated

To read the book go to:

English Edition:

Antonio Gaspari, “Ozone: a cure for life”

Italian Edition: 

Antonio Gaspari, “Ozono: una cura per la vita”

Antonio Gaspari 

Direttore Orbisphera

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